When is a session license used on the EdgeProtect 7300/4555 Series?

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Edgewater Polycom

Edgewater Networks offers licensing options for the EdgeProtect 7300 in packages of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100, including upgrade options of +5 and +10. Please note, the 4555 Series is limited to five video sessions. Also, video sessions are different then Gatekeeper registrations.

So what constitutes a “Video Session” on the EdgeProtect 7300/4555? A concurrent license is consumed when a video call is connected from the WAN side of the video proxy. Registered video calls from the LAN side do not use a video session.

-The total number of active calls can be found under H.323 & SIP activity menus in the Edge Protect 7300/4555.


Here are three examples we’ve tested in Tech Services and the corresponding licenses being used.


Example #1:

**All four endpoints are registered to the EdgeProtect 7300 & have been assigned an alias

**Alias 3083 includes the MP license

**All four participants shown are in an active video call

Video licenses being used? 1


Example #2:

**LAN side endpoints are registered

**HDX 4500 is registered but not in the MP call (all other endpoints shown are in the video call)

**RP Desktop is dialed in as a B2B call (no Gatekeeper registration)

Video licenses being used? 2



Example #3:

**3 LAN side registrations

**No external registrations or participants

**All three participants shown are registered and included in the video call

Video licenses being used? 0


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