1409-10StatsEmailMktgMany people think of email blasts as a quick and cheap method of getting their message out and driving leads, but the reality is that email blasts need just as much thought and time put into them as any other marketing vehicle. And that includes researching and understanding your audience. While there is no one perfect answer to all of your marketing woes, there are some recent studies and trends that can help you be more effective in your efforts. Below are just a few of my favorite eye-opening statistics that can help keep you on the right track for a successful campaign.

  1. 60,000x – the speed in which our brains process images faster than text. This goes for emails, landing pages, websites, ads, etc. So next time you tell yourself that you don’t want to distract your audience with images, reconsider… because most of your audience is only going to give you a few seconds before deciding whether to read or move along. (Source: 3M Corporation)
  2. 300% – the amount of increased click rates you could see just by adding video to your email campaign. Consider making it the center of attention by putting a picture with a play button in your email, that links to a landing page that houses the video and a form to collect leads all in one place. (Source: Wistia)
  3. 80% – the amount of people that only scan your email. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong and straight-forward subject line and header with a relevant attention-grabbing image that they can easily identify with. (Source: Nielsen Norman Group)
  4. 51% – the amount of emails opened on a mobile device. Which is why it’s so important to think mobile when designing an email and landing page. Make sure your email resource is mobile-friendly and test it on your mobile device! (Source: Litmus)
  5. 47% – the amount of increased purchases you could experience when taking the time to nurture your leads on an ongoing basis. Face it… you aren’t going to hit the lead lotto with one email blast. It takes time for them to warm up to you and your brand. Consider putting them in a drip campaign to nurture them ongoing for a year+. Remember, not all prospects are in the market for your solution right now, but they most likely will be one day. (Source: The Annuitas Group)
  6. 32 – the number of characters that an iPhone will show in an email subject line before cutting it off. That doesn’t mean that you need a super short subject line though, just make sure you are putting the most important words at the beginning. And always make sure it’s relevant. I like to use recognizable Vendor names for better open rates. (Source: Harland Clarke Digital)
  7. 20% – the amount in which you can improve your message being absorbed by your audience if you leave a significant amount of white space around your text. Copy-heavy emails push readers away from reading. No one has time to read all advertising emails, so light and to-the-point is the best. (Source: Crazy Egg)
  8. 18x – the amount of additional revenue that you can drive just by making your emails more relevant to your audience, over generic broad emails. If you have different target verticals, consider breaking up your campaigns by target vertical so that you can use images and verbiage that is more relevant. (Source: Jupiter Research)
  9. 10% – the amount of increased conversions that you could experience through personalized emails. Consider using any data that you know about them to really let them know this message is meant for them. For example, if you know what make/model they previously purchased, and it’s time for an upgrade, then put that in the email along with a greeting that addresses them by name. Your email system can easily do this through “variable data” as long as you have the information to import. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  10. 10% – the average email open rate when targeting a new target audience. Yes, that’s all! And from there, you can expect an average of 1-2% to click through (just click, not even complete a form). How is that for an eye opener? Consider adding telemarketing as an additional touch point to help you qualify the interest and needs of the target audience. That’s information that can be used long-term! (Source: ScanSource Services Group)

If you found these statistics helpful, but still aren’t sure where to begin in your marketing, reach out to the ScanSource Services Group for help! Our Marketing Services team can provide all the direction you need, or even create and implement a fully integrated campaign for you. Email us at partner.marketing@scansourceservices.com today and mention this blog to get a free consultation.


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