Take your Polycom voice and video investments to the next level utilizing Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework (SOF). SOF is a comprehensive guide and tool to help ensure successful deployment of and migration to Skype for Business online.

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It’s no secret that enterprise business process outsourcers (BPOs) are often met with the same challenge: how do they integrate their contact center and in-house infrastructure functionality with a modern, cloud-based operation? At the Avaya ENGAGE event in Las Vegas, Avaya announced their solution with new partner Spoken Communications that solves this challenge. [Read More…]


Next Steps for Hanwha Resellers After Cancun Partner Summit

by Jennifer Clark March 20, 2017 Technology

The Hanwha Partner Summit in Cancun was an excellent opportunity for Hanwha partners to gather and hear what’s new from Hanwha for 2017. It was a full three days of networking, learning, and socializing at the Grand Fiesta Americana. ScanSource Networking and Security was in attendance and brought back the following takeaways as the most […]

How much is a missed phone call worth to your business?

by Karl Bateson March 15, 2017 Business

  For one company, this customer service secret proved to be the difference between business success and failure. By all measures, the company should have been out of business long ago.

ShoreTel Spotlight: Yvette McKenzie, Vice President of Merchandising

by Jessica Duvall March 9, 2017 Business

We are excited to announce that Yvette is rejoining ScanSource Communications as Vice President of Merchandising. This sixteen-year ScanSource veteran started her journey in our POS/Barcode business unit in 2000 and has since then held a variety of executive positions and brought tremendous value to the ScanSource team along her professional journey.

7 ideas for restructuring your compensation structure and sales teams around selling cloud-based services

by Jennifer Clark March 8, 2017 Technology

In the early days, it was easier for technology companies to compensate their sales teams with total sales-based commissions. With hardware going out, money came in, and sales employees were compensated based on the company’s commission structure. Now, however, technology is offering more cloud-based services that generate monthly recurring revenue and not one large influx […]

Create. Integrate. Customize. Manage.

by Jessica Duvall March 7, 2017 ScanSource Communications

Design Complete UC Solutions Anywhere, Anytime with OMNI+ We are proud to introduce new updates to OMNI+, our next-generation platform for UC solution design.

ScanSource Communications is coming to your city!

by Kate Menzer February 28, 2017 Closing the Deal
Barco Edgewater Plantronics Polycom

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How to Decide Which Products and Services Make Sense for Your Business

by Jennifer Clark February 27, 2017 Technology

You’ve probably been there before: meeting with a customer who mentions a new technology or product and you’re not familiar with it. Or they want to know when XYZ will be available to them. Only you’ve never heard of it or haven’t yet had a chance to dive deep into the specs and training on […]

Introducing the Polycom® EagleEye™ Director II

by Elizabeth Tarry February 22, 2017 Enterprise

Today, more people than ever are using video as a way to communicate across the globe.  Traditionally, conference rooms have been equipped with one camera at the front of the room.  While this allows people to still communicate and enjoy many of the benefits that video technology brings, there are some limitations for users.