Our Sales Reps are your dedicated, single point of contact. They are some of the most seasoned and knowledgeable specialists in the industry and are here to enable you. Especially Mimi Bond who has been helping ShoreTel partners at every step of the sale for 12 years and counting!  No matter what type of support you need for your business, you can always rely on Mimi to provide it. She’s the first one in the office every day and is working hard to provide the best service and advice to all of her partners.

According to Mimi, “I truly love understanding my customers’ challenges and finding ways to overcome them together. It’s always nice to hear how life is better because they don’t have to worry about their challenges anymore.”

In her spare time, Mimi enjoys taking her three dogs Buster, Teal and Cooper on walks and loves cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs.


Her mantra is, “Do unto others as you would have done to you,” so you know you are in good hands with this rock star Sales Rep.  Utilize Mimi and our other Sales Reps’ extensive ShoreTel product knowledge and technology expertise as an extension of your business today!


In a previous post, we talked about how, even though your customers may be moving away from a premises-based, CAPEX approach to Unified Communications, in favor of a cloud-based, OPEX approach, there is still a way to make money by selling and installing much-needed infrastructure to support successful cloud-based deployments. However, that is but one method of monetizing Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 solution. Another approach is to be a source for endpoints and peripherals. Aside from SBC, switches, and wireless access points, there needs to be reliable and intuitive products that allow end users to utilize and interact with the Microsoft Cloud PBX. [Read More…]


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ShoreTel Spotlight: Merchandising Team

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Watch out, because the ShoreTel Merchandising team may play a prank or ten on you if you aren’t on your guard. This team knows how to work well together and accomplish a large workload day in and out.

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