At Mobile World Congress, the Internet of Things (IoT) and those promoting that sort of thing came out of the woodwork. In fact, these types of companies are likely causing Mobile World Congress to change from a show dedicated to the mobile telecom industry, to a show dedicated to anything mobile. Many of these companies had nothing to do with what I’d refer to as the mobile industry, or the traditional mobile industry, other than they send data over some spectrum. Hence, they participate in a mobile show.

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What is GitHub?

If you love writing code, you may want to get to know GitHub if you haven’t already. GitHub was formally launched in 2008 and has drawn in more than 9 million users and over 21.1 million repositories. GitHub has been described as a social networking site for programmers that allows for code sharing and publication services.

So what exactly is it? “GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.” In addition, it provides a web-based graphical interface and desktop and mobile integration. Additionally it provides access control and the following collaboration features for every project:   github

  • Bug tracking
  • Feature requests
  • How do I get started?
  • Task Management
  • Wikis

Sounds great right? Well it is! There are a number of plans available including a free basic plan for both individuals and organizations so that you or your company can join, start coding and sharing right away. There are a lot of repositories to choose from (over 21.1 million), including Dialogic’s so you will have a lot to keep you motivated and inspired. From REST to Java and WebRTC to MSML, you can search for what interests you or start your own project.

Worried you won’t understand how to use it? Don’t be. In addition to being a great resource for programmers, they also have a boot camp to “Git” you started on registration, coding, forking and creating. In addition to the built-in training, there is also a beginners video tutorial from LearnCode.academy that teaches you the basics for using GitHub.

The sooner you get started on GitHub the sooner you will be coding, sharing and socializing with other programmers. We are happy to get you started with some of our own repositories that you will find here. Have questions? Feel free to comment or contact our GitHub guru Vince directly. Follow @Dialogic on Twitter to find out about new additions to our account.


The NFV End Game – Part 2

by Jim Machi April 13, 2015 Business

If it’s true that NFV will end the “end-to-end solutions coming from a single vendor” and usher in the “best of breed” approach, then it means significant changes for this industry. Some large players that have end-to-end solutions will need to change if they want to survive. This is easier said than done. First of […]

Defining the Modern Media Gateway

by Matt Hoffman April 10, 2015 Cloud Computing

Media gateways (MGWs) have long been the workhorses of next-generation networks. But as service providers transition to all-IP networks, are media gateways keeping pace with the challenges they’re facing? Over the past four years, Infonetics estimates that service providers have spent more than $2.2 billion on media gateways alone, and they continue to invest (though […]

What is a TADHAck ???

by Jim Machi April 7, 2015 Business

If you have been following our social messaging, you probably noticed that we are going to be participating in TADHack-mini London, which will be focusing on WebRTC. You may have wondered or are wondering, “What is this?” So, I am going to tell you what it is and why you should be participating if you […]

The NFV End Game and Ushering in a New Wave of Players

by Jim Machi April 7, 2015 Business

The clock is ticking and it’s about to strike midnight.  NFV will usher in an era of change for the telecom industry yet again.  The players will change, just like they changed with the ushering in of VoIP.  Nortel is no more, Alcatel and Lucent merged, and Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and others emerged as […]

Someone is after your customers

by Amanda Williams April 7, 2015 Marketing

Cold Hard Fact: Someone is out to get your customers. You might be surprised by how many resellers tell me that they don’t need marketing for their business.  Or maybe not, because maybe you are there yourself!  It’s almost always the same story.  A small start-up company, with a highly technical background has been finding […]

Implementing Skype for Business by Microsoft at Quaero – The Business Model Made all the Difference

by Alan Percy April 7, 2015 Business

The biggest hurdle in deploying Skype for Business is not always technical, as a case study interview with Quaero explains, sometimes the business model makes all the difference in making Skype for Business work. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to talk with Matt Jones, Manager of Infrastructure Services at Quaero, a data management […]

Media Servers: Powering Tomorrow’s Services Today!

by Dean Bubley April 3, 2015 Cloud Computing

When Disruptive Analysis first started writing about “The Future of Voice” about five years ago, the term “media server” only appeared relatively rarely. It mostly arose when talking about traditional telecom networks or enterprise communications, when discussing voicemail, recorded announcements and sometimes transcoding VoIP traffic (usually in the fixed-line world). Now, the situation is very […]

The Era of Hardware-based Media Servers is Over – Scaling Software-based Media Servers

by Jim Machi March 27, 2015 Cloud Computing

As the telecom world moves closer and closer to software- based infrastructure, many questions are being asked about scalability of these software-based infrastructure solutions. After all, when there are hardware cards full of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) you could simply plug in more boards or add more systems (at greater cost) to get to the […]