Think Government is Big? It’s Even Bigger Than You Think

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a web seminar hosted by Zebra Technologies’ Director of Government Sales – Greg O’Connell. As Greg was going through an overview of opportunities in the Government space, he mentioned an incredible statistic – 63% of the total GDP spending in the United States comes from Federal, State or local governments. If you are a reseller that has never thought about getting into the government space, that figure alone should prompt you to at least investigate the possibility. Sixty-three percent of GDP is a staggering number. The good news for ScanSource resellers is that opportunities involving barcode and POS technologies are abundant. Federal agencies like the DoD have issued mandates like UID Compliance that require all assets to have a 2-D bar code. Think about how many scanners, printers and labels that’s going to require. Even State and Local agencies are getting into mobile technology by outfitting their police and highway patrol with eCitation units. The net results are the agencies process the citations quicker and the officers spend less time on the side of the road – a big safety consideration.

Watch the playback link for Greg’s full presentation here: Increase Your Revenue & Boost Sales to the Public Sector

If you’re interested in seeing what else is out there in terms of government opportunities be sure to check out Zebra Government Solutions and keep up with all things Government here at Government Source.

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