The EagleEye Director from Polycom, because sometimes you want to be followed.

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Sometimes you want to be followed…

Ever been on a video call where you can’t see the person you’re talking to? You get this beautiful hi-definition picture of the room, then the person starts their conversation while you’re busy swinging the camera around trying to lock in on the speaker.

Many manufacturers have tried to make voice tracking reliable and easy to use in the video conferencing arena with little success. Some required special battery-powered tracking devices that needed recharging during the call. Others attempted to use voice tracking but created system confusion when more than one person spoke at a time (try having a meeting where only one person speaks at a time…).

Manufacturers are doing a better job today creating more effective solutions; for example, the EagleEye Director from Polycom.


The EagleEye Director Base has five microphones, which are dedicated only to tracking the voices in the room. As pointed out earlier, this can be less than precise. This is why there are also two cameras connected to the EagleEye Director shelf. One of the cameras (which can be EagleEye 2 or 3 models) uses facial recognition to decide which person is the primary speaker. So the voice triangulation of the microphones and facial recognition of the cameras work together to ensure the correct person is being tracked at all times.

In our technical lab, we’ve tested the performance of the Eagle Eye Director and found it to be easy to set up and use while being highly accurate and quick. If a person gets up and moves to a different part of the room, like the presenter moving up to use a whiteboard, the EagleEye Director only takes a couple seconds to track to the new position and center itself on the speaker. Also, while the EagleEye Director is tracking to a new position, it doesn’t nauseate viewers by taking them along for the ride (no roller coaster mode here); rather, it shows a full room view for the few seconds it takes to acquire the speaker once more.

The benefits are clear. The EagleEye Director allows a video conference to truly feel like a multi-camera production for far less money and effort.  It’s truly a ‘best-in-class’ product. Interested in learning more? Check out the great online resources and video samples on the Polycom website.

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