Differentiating Firewalls and Routers

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 21, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Many of the same features exist on both Firewalls and Routers. There is a broad range of overlap in the services offered on each product.  Many times the vendor of a router will also manufacture firewalls. Both have routing protocols like BGP, OSPF, RIP, and Static routes. Both have Access Control Lists (ACL) and Address […]

NetScreen SSG VPNs

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 20, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Route based simple VPNs are simple 4 step process in the Juniper Firewalls. Make a new tunnel interface under Interfaces -> New and make it unnumbered. Configure Phase 1 under AutoKey Advanced -> Gateway and set up the basics of the tunnel. Configure Phase 2 under AutoKey IKE set up the phase 2 and associate […]