Synchronize Calls and HG Interactions

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Synchronize Calls was introduced in 4.0+ with the addition of the Announcements Tab for Hunt Group.  The theory behind this option is to conserve voicemail resources used for announcements while a caller is queued in a hunt group.  Enabling this feature allows all callers in the queue to hear the same message, at the same time, thus only using one voicemail resource.   Read more for limitations and documentation..

The limitation with Synchronize Calls is that it only allows one way communication.  Interactive menus, and custom messages such as Queue ETA or position will result in false information.  Since the option makes voicemail see all users in the queue as a single resource, it can not differentiate between multiple callers in the queue.  Voicemail will play the message to the port, the callers in the queue hear the message at whatever point they enter the queue.  All callers hear the message at the same time, synchronized.  If a caller joins the queue halfway through a message, the caller hears the message at what ever point it is currently playing to other callers. If using queue information, or interactive menus or breakouts then synchronize calls must be disabled.  If a message is played that is important for the caller to hear the entire message, synchronize calls may not be a good option.

Avaya Docs state:

Synchronize calls: Default = Off
This option can be used to restrict how many voicemail channels are required to provide the groups announcements.

  • When Synchronize calls is off (the default), the announcement pattern is followed individually for each call. This requires a separate voicemail channel each time an announcement is played to each caller. While this ensures accurate following of the timing of the announcement pattern, it does not make efficient use of voicemail channels.
  • When Synchronize calls is on, if a required announcement is already being played to another caller, pending callers for the same announcement wait until it has been completed and can be restarted. In addition when a caller has waited for the set wait period and the announcement is started, any other callers waiting for the same announcement hear it even if they have not waited for the full wait period. Using this the maximum number of voicemail channels ever needed by the hunt group for announcements is 1 or 2 depending on the number of selected announcements. When on, the wait for each announcement may vary.
  • Note: Interaction with Voicemail Pro Queued and Still Queued Start Points
    If either custom Queued or Still Queued start point call flows are being used for the announcements, when Synchronize Calls is enabled those call flows will support the playing of prompts only. Voicemail Pro actions such as Speak ETA, Speak Position, Menu, Leave Mail, Transfer and Assisted Transfer, etc. are not supported.

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