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by ScanSource Technical Services on October 23, 2011

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Installing an Application from ScanSource’s AppSource

While there are multiple ways to download, license and install applications from AppSource, this walkthrough is meant to guide you through the first one, making sure you don’t miss any steps.

  1. Go to ScanSource’s AppSource and login by clicking on Enter Reseller Zone. If you are a ScanSource reseller and have not already registered for AppSource you can do so from the Reseller Zone. Just click on “Are you a ScanSource Reseller? Create your AppSource user account here.”

  1. Once you are logged in select the Application tab to bring up the list of available applications.

  1. For this walkthrough we’ll be installing the EasyGo! Meter Reading application. Click on it to bring up the applications home screen.

  1. The information tab on the applications home screen provides details and some screen shots.

  1. Select the Devices tab for a list of devices this application has been certified with. You will not be able
    to install the application on a handheld that is not on this list.

  1. The Download tab has links to download AppSource Studio and Link. Both are going to be needed later so download & install them on your PC. Studio is used to install and modify AppSource applications. Link is used by the applications to communicate back to the host system.

  1. The Doc tab has a link to the applications User Guide. Also something you will want to go ahead and download. It contains the information needed to customize the application and create the necessary data files.

  1. Now that you have read up on the application, downloaded Studio/Link and have the user guide it is time to get the free 15 day trial license and give the application try. Go the Ordering tab. There will be some information on purchasing a license but scroll down a bit and you will see the Request a Free Trial link. Clicking the link will trigger an email with all the licensing information needed to get a fully working copy of the software for 15 days.

  1. Here is an example of the email. The important parts are the license key and password. They will be used in step 11 of SS Technical Article – Installing from AppSource

Check out SS Technical Article – Installing from AppSource for information on how to install an application from AppSource.


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