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by ScanSource Technical Services on October 23, 2011

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Installing an Application from ScanSource’s AppSource

Before we get started in Studio connect your mobile computer to your PC and establish a connection either via ActiveSync (XP) or Windows Device Manager (Win 7). If you need help with this process please see the documentation for your mobile computer available at the manufacturer’s website. Studio uses this software to facilitate communicating with the handheld terminal.

  1. Open Studio on your PC (downloaded and installed at step 6 in SS Technical Article – Ordering an Application from AppSource). Click Login on the upper right corner of Studio and use your AppSource user name and password (the same on you used on the AppSource website) to login. Notice at the bottom of the home screen Studio shows which handheld it is using Active Sync to communicate with. It also lists the device’s DSN number. That number will be needed below at step 10 of this article.

  1. Select Create a New Project to bring up the New Project Wizard. Then hit Next to continue the process.

  1. Under Project Information, name your project. While this is not as important when there is only one project, later on, when you have multiple projects, it will be crucial. Hit next.

  1. The Select a Device screen comes up next. The device you have Active Synced should already be highlighted. Of course, if the device you have attached is not on the certified devices list it will not come up in the Selected Device screen but since that was checked back in step 5 of SS Technical Article – Ordering from AppSource, it should not be a problem now. With your device highlighted, hit next.

  1. Under the Select Application screen, highlight the application to be installed. If this is the first application, the list will be really short. Once the application is selected, hit next.

  1. This brings up the end of the New Project Wizard. Hit the Done button to end the wizard and bring up the Project Application List.

  1. Now the project has been created it is ready to be deployed to the handheld. On the left side select Deploy Project to install the application on your handheld. You will be asked to confirm. Hit OK and the project will be deployed.

  1. The handheld will now display the AppSource Home Page.

  1. Once the project has been deployed Studio will be on the Installed Applications screen. The last step is to activate the newly installed application. Hit the Activate button.

  1. Under Application Licensing enter the License Number and Password from the email received at step 9 in SS Technical Article – Ordering from AppSource.

  1. Then enter the Device Tag. As this screen shot show, the Device Tag is already displayed in two places. Enter the number and hit next, then confirm.

  1. Once you confirm, the licensing information will be sent to the handheld, making the application fully functional.

While this walkthrough installed a trial version, the process is the same for any license.

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