SonicWall CDP protection of Voicemail Pro

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All servers will crash at some point. Failures can result from hardware failing over time or from software malfunctions. Most commonly experienced are failures from human interaction. Upgrades, patches, or common procedures that were not successful are the cause of a majority of failures. These situations can also occur when a proper back up is made of a corrupt or improper file. Automatic and incremental backups are important for protecting against these type errors. Without incremental versions there is only one backup copy. It could be corrupt as well. Without automatic backups the chance of skipping a revision is high.

Many voicemail systems are not properly backed up. Simply making a one time copy of the voicemail database is not sufficient. Proper backups would require at minimum:
– incremental copy of the VMPro database be exported on each change.
– incremental copy of the entire VM folder or the subfolders of Names, Greetings.
– incremental copy of the WAVs folder to protect costly professional menu recordings.

The Accounts folder is normally not included due to some specific issues with restoration points. Manually incrementing each change can be managed. A direct copy of each change can consume a large amount of disk space.

The general idea of the CDP is, as the name describes, a method of keeping a Continuous Data Protection. By regularly doing differential file copies and tracking changes over time, the CDP meets the need of a solid backup solution. The CDP tracks each change to a file, and only copies the changes from the original, thus reducing the data foot print. The process is automatic based on the client configuration. The CDP platform also allows for synchronizing between local and remote CDP appliances meeting a more stringent standard of an offsite copy for of backups.

For Voicemail Pro the CDP solution installs client on the voicemail server. This client is then configured to monitor specified folders for any change. Each time a change is made, a differential backup copy of the file is made. Each change kicks off this backup process which protects information on every incremental save of a file. Since thousands of changes can be made over the life of a file, the CDP by default keeps the last 15 changes and a current copy of the file. Since the client resides on the Server or PC, the CDP knows what files have changed even when the network is offline. A simple to use GUI interface can be used to restore a file in the case of corruption. Bare Metal restoration is an option as well. Models can range from 500GB base capacity up to 9TB when all expansion options enabled. Larger units include Hot Swap drives and redundant power supplies.


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