In the current releases of Avaya IP Office, firmware Voicemail notifications can be sent via email.  This process uses standard SMTP and is compatible with a great majority of mail severs deployed around the globe.  Recently, in efforts to reduce spam and increase security of SMTP, larger providers have switched to ESMTP, or Encrypted SMTP.  This newer version is simply SMTP wrapped with TLS.  Unfortunately, both Embedded Voicemail and Voicemail Pro do not support TLS encryption.  The scenario is easy to overcome with adding a relay to a local server.  I found a great article walking a user through such a setup with Microsoft’s Office 365 product.  With very few changes, the same methodology can be applied to Yahoo or Gmail as well.


This method will not work for Windows 7.  A third-party tool would need to perform the function of the SMTP relay server.

Learn more about this topic at scansourcecatalyst.com >

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