ShoreTel QIC Tool: Release Notes for QIC 12.0

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The new year brings new functionality to QIC.  With Version 12.0 and later the following features have been changed or added:

Promotions – FYQ3 2013

  • A 15% concession-based discount for most ShoreTel phones is available to all new customers.
  • The Phone Promo is enabled via a checkbox on the Quote Tool sheet and is automatically enabled for new customer quotes.
  • A 75% discount is now available for Internal ECC and UC product purchases.
  • Several promotional Workgroup to ECC upgrade SKUs have been added with a 25% discount.
  • A FREE Mobility Starter Kit containing an RA4000 router and 5 RoamAnywhere Client Access Licenses is available on orders larger than $100,000 to Partners who are Mobility Sales and Mobility Installation and Support authorized.

Multi-Year Billed Annually (MYBA) Service offerings

  • MYBA Service SKUs are now available in the ShoreTel Services drop-down for new and existing customers.
  • A new line in the Services section displays the per year cost for new MYBA customers.
  • When generating a quote, the per year cost of MYBA service will be displayed in the description of the service SKU.

Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) 8

  • All ECC 8 SKUs have been added to the appropriate section on the Quote Tool.
  • All ECC 7 SKUs have been moved to the “Previous ECC Version Products” section on the Quote Tool.
  • The ECC Implementation Worksheet has been updated to include ECC 8 SKUs.

Global Settings Available via QIC.ini

  • Partners can now create a text file named “QIC.ini” containing predefined parameters and values, which will apply to all copies of QIC used on their system.  Available parameters and values are documented in the Release Notes.
  • Only one QIC.ini needs to be created per user/system, and it should be stored in the same directory from which the QIC quotes will be launched.  All settings contained within the QIC.ini will then be used by any copies of QIC opened by that user.

Product Changes

  • The IP 655 phone is now available for sale in Canada.  The “US Only” restriction on the part on the Quote Tool was removed.

Partner Information

  • The ShoreTel Partner’s address is now imported into QIC when their account number is entered.
  • The Partner’s address automatically populates on the Quote when generated.
  • The “User Partner Address” option for selecting a Ship-To Address on the Generate Quote form is now active.
  • A new option on the Generate Quote form allows for Partners to upload their logo, which will be included on the quote.
  • A new option for QIC.ini (see “Global Settings Available via QIC.ini” section above) called LogoPath allows the Partner to provide the full path to their logo, which will be used each time a quote is generated.  For example, LogoPath=C:\My Documents\My Pictures\logo.bmp.


  • In response to customer feedback, the default value of End-User % off MSRP was changed from 10% to 0%.
  • New restrictions on the date for new quotes have been added to keep consistent with our quote expiration guidelines.
  • The Switch Configuration Tool now warns you if your requirements are best met with a Small Business Edition (SBE) bundle.  The user does have the option to waive the SBE option and continue with the switch configuration selection process.
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