Polycom™ RealPresence Trio® Fuses Modern Day Conference Room Needs with Skype for Business

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With so many remote offices, BYOD policies, and mobile devices, conference calls are the crux of conducting business in a virtual workplace. Chances are, you’ve been a part of a conference call that was a near disaster. When users have connectivity issues, or can’t view the same content simultaneously, it makes conducting business more of a hindrance than a successful transaction.

In fact, this hilarious video (with more than 14 million views) accurately depicts a “Conference Call in Real Life” that shows the many challenges we all face when trying to connect remotely.

There are plenty of businesses trying to solve the obstacles presented in that video, such as the PolycomTM RealPresence Trio® conference phone, and Skype for Business; however, there are still times it can be hard to get everyone on the same virtual page.

Now, though, there is an opportunity for synergy like never before. With the RealPresence Trio, users can not only collaborate via a voice, video, and content sharing system; but they can now integrate their conference phone with the Skype for Business environment they rely on for daily communication. By adding the RealPresence Trio Visual+ accessory, users can see the audience and experience their emotions in 1080p, high-definition video. And, with Skype for Business, it is now easier than before to connect to a contact list and sync up content via one system.

The Polycom RealPresence Trio is synonymous with innovation, as it is certified for Microsoft Skype for Business online/Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX. An answer to those needing a reliable experience that integrates directly with Skype for Business, the RealPresence Trio is a member of Skype for Business’ rigorous certification program that requires best-of-breed vendors to meet higher standards for reliability and quality than just simple interoperability. Additionally, it is compatible both on-premises as well as with cloud applications.

For those who are already familiar with Skype for Business, the RealPresence Trio offers the same iconography for an easy deployment. The touch screen provides a simple, intuitive interface that users will recognize from their Skype for Business applications. As many employees today want unified integration, the RealPresence Trio allows Skype for Business users to join a meeting with one screen tap and share content without a lot of cables or additional applications.

Connecting is easy, and unlike the “Conference Call in Real Life” video, users in the same room can mute and share content effortlessly from one computer. Whether you’re in a small huddle room, large open space, private office, or any other 21st-century work room, you can still connect. The ability to operate from anywhere across any device and still use the Skype for Business workflows users are accustomed to makes it a seamless experience.

The list of benefits go on and on, from exceptional sound quality, 20-foot microphone range, Bluetooth connectivity and near field communications (NFC) support. But more impressive is the drive behind Polycom’s constant forward thinking in how to solve today’s challenges. To be completely ahead of the competition, one cannot offer a product that solves only half of the problem. It must be a complete solution and incorporate today’s biggest trends and operating systems customers deploy on a daily basis.

To test drive the RealPresence Trio and other Polycom products, ScanSource Communications has a large demo pool with 100+ units and growing, as Polycom unveils their latest and greatest technology. And, to make things easier, most of ScanSource’s demos are equipped with the licenses already installed. Why not try before you buy? Check out the demo program here.

Contact Jamal Strother, ScanSource Sales Development Representative, today at jamal.strother@scansource.com, to learn more about how you can purchase the Polycom RealPresence Trio.

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