What’s Happening in the Contact Center?

by Jim Machi February 9, 2015 Cloud Computing

When I started writing my blog about why the fax is still relevant a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about the contact center in general. I spend a lot of time talking about mobile networks and service provider-related things like signaling, but in my early years at Dialogic, I learned a lot about […]

ScanSource’s Favorite Thing! 2.6.15

by Maria Condatore February 6, 2015 ScanSource Communications

Have you heard about our ScanSource’s Favorite Things promotion? Every day this month, when you purchase our featured Polycom product, you are entered to win one of our favorite things! The product and prize are different each day so make sure to check back frequently! Today, with every SoundStation 2 Expandable with Display that you […]

Managed IP Phones – Bringing Order to the Desktop

by Alan Percy February 6, 2015 Enterprise

Moving to a SIP-based IP-PBX, Contact Center or Unified Communications system often involves retiring an old and expensive PBX, replacing the desktop legacy phones with new IP Phones.  Deploying new IP Phones often results in chaos at the desktop – an opportunity for partners. Let’s face it, provisioning and installing hundreds of IP Phones can […]

Total Coverage Video as a Service

by Sean Riley February 6, 2015 ScanSource Communications

Have you heard the entire rave about cloud-based video conferencing? If not, where have you been? ScanSource has partnered with Polycom to provide a cloud-based Video as a Service that allows small- to medium-sized customers to access video capabilities without having to physically acquire and deploy the video infrastructure. This new service has brought a […]

Welcome to ScanSource’s Favorite Things

by Alex Britt February 2, 2015 ScanSource Communications

Have you heard about ScanSource’s Favorite Things? This month-long promotion allows you to enter for a chance to win one of our “favorite things” every business day in February, and resellers are really excited. Simply visit www.scansourcecommunications.com/favoritethings every business day during the month of February to see what the day’s prize is and how you […]

Why You Need to Care About WebRTC & HD Voice

by Jim Machi February 2, 2015 Cloud Computing

I could blog about the importance of WebRTC and high-definition (HD) voice until my fingers fall off, but it wouldn’t matter unless I can explain why they’re so important. Taken together, these technologies will make a large impact on your business and the future of the telecom industry as a whole. Here’s why you should […]

Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid UC: 10 Questions to Get the Right Fit

by Elizabeth Tarry February 2, 2015 Business

Email, mobile phones, landlines, instant messaging, text messaging, web conferencing and video chat — there are more ways to communicate than ever. And making that connection is easier with a business phone system that uses unified communications (UC) capabilities to streamline communication and collaboration. With UC, your staff can work the way they want, where […]

ScanSource Services Group’s Email Best Practices (3 of 3)

by Emily Joyner February 2, 2015 Marketing

In Parts 1 and 2 of our Email Best Practices series, you learned the basics of creating a successful email marketing campaign. (If you haven’t read those yet, make sure to go back and take a look at all the great facts and tips!) In this third and final installment, we’ll teach you how you […]

How to access the Web GUI on Polycom legacy video endpoints.

by Matthew Brungardt January 30, 2015 ScanSource Communications

One of the issues we face when trying to access the Polycom VSX endpoints is browser compatibility. The Polycom VSX release notes list Internet Explorer 6.x and Java 1.2 or later as the supported browser for viewing the Web GUI. Most of our customers have no access to a browser this old and are […]

WebRTC and the Enterprise

by Jeremy Burton January 29, 2015 Cloud Computing

I was reading an article titled, “How WebRTC can serve the Enterprise” but when I originally saw the headline I thought it read “How WebRTC can SAVE the Enterprise.” So I was like “wow, that’s an interesting thought” because I didn’t know the Enterprise needed to be saved. The enterprise though has always been about […]