Opportunity Qualification: Session 6

by Scott Anschuetz on May 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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The biggest mistake that both junior and senior sales people continue to make is investing their time and company’s resources in prospects that are never going to buy.

Typically, prospect qualification has focused on answering the question can they buy.  This usually relates to identifying who has the power to make the buying decision and the authority to spend the budget dollars.  But in today’s business world with the emphasis on building lasting customer relationships, it is also important to help a prospect determine not just if they can buy, but if they should buy.  To do this, your salesperson needs to enable the prospect to see how their world would improve if they buy and implement your solution.  Matching the “vision” of the buyer and the seller (you) is key in helping your prospect determine if they should buy.

PDF: Prospect Qualification

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