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by Marty Bullen on January 3, 2013 · 0 comments

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Virtual education is an advance that has grown tremendously. We use it at ScanSource to train employees. Kids take online classes for high school. Some of our vendors offer online training options. But ask 100 people and you can get 100 different answers on what virtual education is. One definition in Wikipedia said, “Virtual education refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both.”

I wanted to announce that we’re entering the exciting virtual education world. “Separated by time and space?” That sounds too science fiction. Our mission will remain the same – to provide our partners with valuable vendor certification trainings that provide the experiences needed to successfully learn.

ScanSource Services Group has built a virtual learning environment specifically to provide the most realistic experience possible. Our virtual delivery strategy emulates in every way the “hands-on,” “in-person” experience provided by our traditional classroom.

Our first virtual class of 2013 will be our Virtual IP Office Advanced Configuration Application workshop (5S00004V). In it, all students have direct access to the labs, their instructor, and a QA forum via a virtual class. With collaborative lab pairings, students are able to conduct application programming in a stimulating and dynamic environment that allows lab partners to watch, assist, and do lab exercises, which enhance a student’s learning experience.This includes interacting with your teacher and fellow classmates.

We’ll continue to offer our award-winning classroom certifications in addition to leaping virtually forward.

Looking forward to an exciting 2013.

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Marty Bullen, the ScanSource Services Group Education Manager, has over ten years of experience helping resellers with Vendor Certifications. She is the ‘Go To’ contributor at The Source for all Education & Training Certifications.

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