New Self Administer Button in Avaya R6.1 IP Office

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IP Office R6.1 changed the Self-Administer button to add more features. When the User -> System Phone Rights is set for Level 2 and a Self-Administer button is created with the action data of 2, some system wide settings can be administered from the phone.

In R6.0 and prior, this feature was used to configure the system date and time in addition to the settings on the System->System form.

In R6.1 some additional features were added as noted in section 5.8 of the R6.1 GA Release Notes. When pressing a properly configured Self-Administer DSS button a prompt for a security code may be displayed, then the following menu:

  • System information
    • Control Unit type Firmware version
    • Lan1 IP address
    • Lan2 IP address
    • License Dongle Number
  • Date (see note)
    • (current date): new entry
      • Enter as MM*DD*YY or DD*MM*YY based on locale
  • Time (see note)
    • (current time):new entry
      • Enter as HH*MM in 24hr format
  • UTC Offset (see note)
    • (Current offset): +- New entry
      • Soft button allows the change from + to – offset
      • Enter as HH*MM
  • System Shutdown
    • Timeout timer
      • Enter as MM*SS
  • Memory Card
    • System Card: status (active typically)
    • Optional Card: status
    • System Backup
      • Progress of action
    • System Restore
      • Progress of action
    • Shutdown
      • System Card
      • Optional Card

Note: If the Time Setting Config Source on the System -> System tab is set to None, these items are editable. If the Time Setting Config Source is set to SNTP, the settings only show me and sync status. If set to Voicemail Pro/Manager, the settings show Time followed by the Server IP, Local time, and UTC time as display options only.

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