Managing Noise in the Workplace with Plantronics

by LaVonda Huskey on June 18, 2018 · 0 comments

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Plantronics surveyed over 2,100 professionals from a variety of industries in 7 different countries in 2017 about the effects of noise in the workplace. It’s something that we are all affected by as corporations continue to move toward open space work environments. However, it’s costing companies a lot in lost productivity.

Whether we have co-workers talking loudly, folks laughing, or new hires being brought around for introductions, distractions are all around us.

In the global survey, Plantronics found that 94% of employees are distracted at least once a day, with 55% reporting noise disruption multiple times each day. 63% of employees say lack of quiet space for focused work has a negative effect on their productivity, satisfaction and well-being.

On average, Plantronics discovered that after being interrupted, it takes 23 minutes to regain focus to get back in the zone, so that equates to a lot of lost time and productivity. For a corporation of 500 employees for example, it could cost upwards of $1.2M annually of lost time.

To help mitigate and manage the noise in the workplace, the majority of these survey respondents sought out quieter places to work or used headphones. Enter Plantronics, a leader on the forefront of audio innovation, and obsessed with clear communication.  Plantronics offers a wide range of noise-canceling solutions that mitigate the background noise in the workplace, for both sides of the conversation, those speaking and those listening. The Plantronics Voyager and Blackwire series of professional headsets provide noise cancelling solutions, which allows greater concentration, helps raise productivity and offers a huge cost savings to the employer.  Remember to offer Plantronics superior noise-canceling headsets to all your customers, because after all, you will be saving them thousands, if not millions of dollars annually of lost productivity by doing so.

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