Is Continuing Education a Big Deal to You?

by Mark Morgan on September 29, 2010 · 0 comments

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Margin pressure, competition, hiring and retaining the right people, customer loyalty, adequate sales team training & education, generating new leads, closing more deals – these are just several of the many challenges you face if you’re leading a sales team.

How do you lead your team through each of these challenges?

Let’s start with hiring and retaining the right people. Many of us are pretty good at finding the right people, but not so good at retaining them. In some cases this can be traced directly to compensation – your comp plan doesn’t meet their expectations. However, in most cases losing good people is tied to a lack of support for ongoing training, education and professional development opportunities.

Sales reps that are comfortable with the product, solution and the challenges of the market they are selling consistently outperform their peers. Why is this? I believe it’s linked to three key things:

  1. Trust. How do you gain trust? Ask yourself one simple question: Am I customer focused or commission focused?
  2. Credibility. Do you know your customers market and understand their business challenges? Are you knowledgeable, reliable, and professional?
  3. Rapport. Success is dependent upon your ability to uncover your customer’s needs. If you don’t have a rapport with them, you’ll never have the chance to hear their challenges. Rapport is a result of gaining trust first, establishing credibility second, and turning both into a relationship where the customer is willing to reveal their honest needs.

Here are my final questions:

· When you find the right person is it clear that you are a customer focused company?

· Do you help your people gain credibility by providing ongoing training and education?

If the answer to either one of these questions is no, they’ll never make it to step three and odds are is on the horizon.

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