Intermec CK61: Connecting and Configuring a Scanner

by ScanSource Technical Services on March 29, 2011

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If the attached scanner is a 1551E or 1553E the terminal will try to configure the scanner. The first step is the terminal will attempt to make a baud rate match followed by Data Bits, Stop Bits, and Parity.

If the attached scanner did not respond, the software will try several other settings each with the varying baud rates listed below:

  • 9600, 19200, 57600, 38400, 8, NOPARITY, TWOSTOPBITS,
  • 9600, 19200, 57600, 38400, 7, EVENPARITY, TWOSTOPBITS,
  • 9600, 19200, 57600, 38400, 7, EVENPARITY, ONESTOPBIT,
  • 9600, 19200, 57600, 38400, 8, NOPARITY, ONESTOPBIT,

The expected successful settings to put this scanner in slave mode is: 9600; 7 bits, even parity, 2 stop bits. When this happens you will hear a series of beeps. If you don’t hear the beeps then for some reasons the terminal software failed to communicate with the attached scanner. Try to default the scanner and disable and re-enable the port state on the terminal.

Once the auto-baud is successful, any manual change to the settings will require the user to disable and re-enable that port state again otherwise the terminal software will not be able to send configuration to it.

If an “ASCII” scanner model such as a third party scanner with serial interface is connected to the serial port and ASCII the selected scanner type on the UI of the CK, and all the com port settings have to enter manually.

Answer courtesy of Intemec Knowledge Central Answer ID 7884

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