Increase Efficiency with Mobile Computers at the Right Price

by Ken Campbell on September 18, 2012 · 0 comments

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Nielson estimated early in 2012 that 50.4% of mobile phone users have smart phones of one kind or another. In this day and age where every end user carries a powerful mobile computer with them at all times, it can lead customers, especially new customers who are just now moving from pen and paper to mobile ADC solutions, to expect low-cost mobile solutions.

Unfortunately, this could also lead to them choosing a mobile device that is simply not designed to meet the needs of an active enterprise environment.  A wiser choice would be a device that provides the ruggedness and features of a traditional mobile computer, with an attractive price to compete against devices bleeding over from the consumer market.

There are mobile computer options out there in today’s marketplace that are value-tiered products but still provide the features and capabilities of more expensive mobile computers.  These products are durable and reliable and offer impeccable scanning performance with a rugged design for all-day, everyday use.  These features will help your customers increase efficiency across multiple verticals, including inventory management, order picking and replenishment solutions for warehouse, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and logistics.  By utilizing these affordable mobile computers, your customers will be able to automate the capture of data right at the point of work.  This will not only save them time but it will also save them money, and, overall, it will create a more efficient workplace environment.

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