How I hit the jackpot with my sales training day

by Nathan Lord on March 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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Recently I had the opportunity to bring in one of my vendor partners for some sales training. Our typical training in the past was the ever exciting 45 minutes of power point slides in which the highlight of the session was the breakfast that came along with it. My take on that? I’m glad you asked… let’s just say I don’t think we got as much out of it as we could have.

Now, if you guys haven’t heard, I’m a bit of clown around here and I love to have fun (while taking care of business, of course). In my clowning over the years I’ve introduced some rather humorous characters. So, along with my vendor partner, we thought we would capitalize on that and use some of those characters in training.

Our deal was, we spoofed the Conan O’Brien show and had some of my characters come out, along with some of the vendor reps, and each “guest” talked about a specific topic to that vendor (marketing programs, identifying opportunities, attaching consumables to hardware sales, etc). We completely removed the training tables and set the room up like talk show and the sales reps were the studio audience. By switching up the setting and making a little more of a presentation out of it, it was less like training and more like a “show”.

So how did I hit the jackpot? Well, the feedback we got from the reps included statements like: “Awesome training,”
“Best training we’ve ever had,” “That was great and I really felt like I learned something,”
“So funny and entertaining, great job.”

So what key takeaways did I get that I will carry with me going forward?

  1. Be creative… sales teams are bombarded with information. How can I present my content in a way that they will learn something and remember it? Outside the box is okay!
  2. Focus on what helps them sell… spec sheets cover the speeds and feeds. What real world content can I provide that will help them identify opportunities and sell more product?
  3. Have fun… if I’m boring myself with a bunch of slides then I know they’re not getting anything. What can I do to spice it up a little and have fun? Having fun does not demean the value of your product… it’s sets you apart as someone different and exciting!

So, I know you’re dying to see what these crazy characters were and how it went. Well, check out the 4 Printronix videos on the ScanSource YouTube channel and you can see for yourself!

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Nathan Lord is a Product Manager at ScanSource POS & Barcoding in Greenville, SC. He has 10 years of experience in distribution and is a regular contributor to The Source on healthcare, social media, and point of sale & barcoding products.

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