If you’ve ever tried telemarketing, you might have found that it started some great conversations. I’m sure that you’ve sent out some emails that may have gotten a few opens and click-throughs. But have you really thought about the importance of putting the two together? How can you further use the email and telemarketing efforts you’re familiar with to reach these untapped customers?

Two is better than one. We will always recommend combining email with telemarketing in order to achieve the best results. What does this combination look like and how can you effectively use both email and telemarketing efforts together?

This process should start with a telemarketing call that is short, professional and dialogue-like. By having a conversation with your customers and seeking out their needs by actively listening, you can begin to formulate the right solutions they’re looking for.

After the call, send a follow-up e-mail right away. You only want to wait a day at the most for that requested-for follow up. This particular email should be short, and give the prospect exactly what they asked for. Pay special attention to the subject line, making it eye-catching to stand out amongst the flood of daily emails (that’s another blog entirely… stay tuned). Highlight the offerings discussed in the call and relate them back to how that solution will satisfy their needs. Bullet points are your friends!

After the e-mail is sent, the sender should wait from two workdays to one week before making an additional telemarketing follow-up call. This is why successful telemarketing campaigns that have smaller lists can take a little longer – even if that seems counterintuitive. Ask for permission to continue to follow up with them again with even more details if they’re not ready for a sales appointment at this point (don’t be discouraged if they’re not – you’re still marketing – this is a normal process!). Then keep in touch with them! Don’t forget to continue to follow up with them. Add them to your drip marketing program or just remember to send them your newsletter. Just because they’re not ready to buy NOW, doesn’t mean they won’t be ready LATER – and someone will be there when they are. Don’t you want that to be you?

I understand… this isn’t an easy process if marketing isn’t “your thing.” That’s what the ScanSource Services Group is here for. We have the outstanding resources necessary to combine these two marketing efforts into one seamless campaign to grow your company and its sales. Contact us today at partner.marketing@scansourceservices.com to get started!

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Amy Fitch is a product marketing manager with ScanSource Services Group. Her experience is focused on helping SMBs use integrated marketing techniques to maximize their potential.

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