Debugging Windows Time Server

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In each Windows server resides a time server compatible with IP Office.  There three methods of updating the IP Office time: manually, via Vociemail, or via a timeserver.  Using a Windows server is the most universal, since it does not rely on Voicemail Pro being installed.  On occasion the update does not happen.  The update should run every hour to synchronize the IP Office with the time on the server.  In order to debug this process logging can be enabled on the server. states the following steps:

To turn on debug logging in the Windows Time service:

1. Start Registry Editor.
2. Locate and then click the following registry key:

3. On the Edit menu, click New Value, and then add the following registry values:

Value Name: FileLogSize
Data Type: DWORD
Value data: 10000000

This registry value specifies the size of the log file in bytes.
A value of 10000000 bytes will limit the log file to approximately 10 MB.

Value name: FileLogName
Data Type: String
Value data: C:WindowsTempw32time.log

This registry value specifies the location of the log file. The path is not fixed. You can use a different path.

Value name: FileLogEntries
Data Type: String
Value: 0-116

This registry value specifies the level of detail of the information in the debug log. If you must have more detailed logging information, contact a Microsoft Support Professional.

Note The Data Type value must be of type REG_SZ (String). You must type the value exactly as shown (that is, type 0-116). The highest possible value is 0-300 for most detailed logging. The meaning of this value is: Log all entries within the range of 0 and 116.

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