Connecting Honeywell Granit 1911i to Apple iOS and Android Devices

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Note:  On-Screen Keyboard Toggle is not supported.  An iPad was used in this demonstration but the process is similar for Android devices.

The barcodes can be scanned off most screens; however, the four pin numbers and Save must be scanned within 60 seconds.  Having a printed copy of the instructions can make this process easier.

Download PDF Instructions

1. Start by scanning the Bluetooth HID Keyboard Connect Barcode.  This will make the Granit 1911i discoverable.


2.  The Granit should now show up under Bluetooth devices.


3.  Select the Granit once the scanner has been located by the host (in this case an iPad.) The host will generate a random pin.  Scan the Bluetooth PIN Code barcode, the PIN numbers and the Save barcode.  This must take place within 60 seconds.




4. Scanner will emit a warble sound that it is paired to iPhone/iPad.  You can scan into an App that requires keyboard data. honeywell-granit-ios-android-21

5.  If you need to use Keyboard on iPhone/iPad then you need to scan HID KB Disconnect barcode. Your Scanner will then be disconnected from Host and you can tap the screen to bring up the On-Screen KB.


6.  When you need to scan again into App. You will have to scan the BT HID KB Connect barcode. Then go into your BT Devices Screen on iPhone/iPad and tap the Granite 1911i and scanner will warble and connect to Host.


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