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Break into the government market with Motorola Solutions and ScanSource

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin August 25, 2011 Government

Right now is a great time to break into the government market, but it can be challenging if you’ve never sold into this space before.  Motorola Solutions and ScanSource have plenty of tools to help you get started.  Below are some great resources to help answer your questions about selling to government agencies or to […]

Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for E-Citations

by The Source August 18, 2011 Government

Guest Contributor: Dan Bodnar, Director of Product Management, Intermec Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, is often considered for e-citation applications in large part due to the mission-critical nature of law enforcement. Here are some key takeaways around TCO: First, a critical aspect of any successful TCO analysis needs to include the business elements of […]

California Highway Patrol Pilot Program for E-Ticketing

by The Source August 11, 2011 Government

The California Highway Patrol is going to test out an e-ticketing system using rugged mobile computers.  This pilot will pave the way for the whole state to implement an e-ticketing solution for traffic citations. The six month pilot will begin on Sept. 30 and is using 400 Motorola devices.  It will cost $2.4m, which the […]

Main Benefits of Adopting E-Citation

by The Source July 28, 2011 Government

Guest Contributor: Dan Bodnar, Director of Product Management, Intermec Intermec has long been helping public sector organizations do more with less. With declining budgets and increasing demand for services, public sector organizations are under more pressure to tighten processes and spend tax dollars wisely. Police are among a growing list of public sector organizations that are […]

A Proud Moment for ScanSource – Wireless in Education

by The Source July 26, 2011 Government

Government Source has done several blog posts and tweets and even hosted a web seminar a few weeks back all about Wireless Infrastructure in Education.  You’ve heard about new installations across the US and we all know the benefits to learning when students have a wireless environment.  Wireless in Education is not going to be […]

7 questions to ask customers when selling wireless to the education market

by The Source July 22, 2011 Government
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On June 28th, Government Source collaborated with Motorola Solutions to host a web seminar called Motorola’s Wireless Solutions for 21st Century Learning.  Our presenter, Brandon Williams from Motorola, was a wonderful speaker and was so helpful and informative.  Please take some time to watch this presentation if you have any interest in selling to education […]

Improve DoD asset management efficiency by adopting IUIDs

by The Source July 14, 2011 Government

Guest Contributor: Zebra Technologies Improve DoD Asset Management Efficiency The adoption of item unique identification numbers (IUIDs) is moving slower than expected. Since 2004, the Department of Defense (DoD) required that all newly requisitioned government furnished property be marked with IUID. The DoD’s 60,000-plus suppliers must mark their products, but only a small number are […]

New York City provides free wireless internet in public parks

by The Source June 30, 2011 Government
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New York City has teamed up with AT&T to provide free public WiFi in many of the city parks.  Park-goers will be able to enjoy the outdoors and relax at the park while connected to the internet.  I think this is a huge benefit to the residents and visitors of New York City.  As a visitor […]

It’s busy season for Public Sector. Is YOUR company ready to compete?

by Cory Patrick June 6, 2011 Government

Public sector’s busy season is here and ScanSource wants to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed in this highly budget and security-sensitive vertical. As an established leader in mobility, core network infrastructure, and network security, Cisco offers innovative, validated products that are highly scalable, secure, and easy to use. And as […]

3 Benefits of eCitation Solutions for Law Enforcement: Print Tickets, Deliver Efficiency

by The Source June 2, 2011 AIDC
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The Huntsville Times recently ran an article on how the Huntsville, AL Police department plans on using upwards of $862,000 in federal grant money on new equipment, technology, and training.  In conjunction with the Madison County Sheriffs and District Attorney’s office (with whom they will split a small percentage), the money will bring much needed […]