If you’re searching for innovative ideas to help grow your business, you’re in the right place! The Planning4Profit training and education series focuses on getting more prospects, understanding solution-based selling, and improving negotiating skills.

Get Ready To Merge Your Marketing

by Amy Fitch August 19, 2015 Business

If you’ve ever tried telemarketing, you might have found that it started some great conversations. I’m sure that you’ve sent out some emails that may have gotten a few opens and click-throughs. But have you really thought about the importance of putting the two together? How can you further use the email and telemarketing efforts […]

InfoComm 2015 Recap!

by Hunter Edmisten June 24, 2015 Business

In a blur of motion, lights, sounds, and badge scanners…we emerged to find our booth each morning.   This was the norm of InfoComm 2015.  From a tech perspective, I was a kid in a candy store while walking from one end of the Conference Center to the opposite end each day to find the latest […]

AudioCodes Ordering Wizard

by Alan Percy March 6, 2015 Business

Beating the BOM – Introducing the AudioCodes Ordering Wizard By Alan D. Percy, Senior Director or Marketing, AudioCodes Crafting a Bill of Materials (BOM) is one of the great challenges of selling technology. Making sure a customer proposal includes the proper base product, accessories, service plans and support can avoid an uncomfortable “oops” or time-wasting […]

Polycom VBP Is Back! What it Means for SMEs

by LaVonda Huskey March 3, 2015 Market Segments

One of the greatest changes to enterprise businesses in the past decade has to be the introduction of video conferencing. Allowing large companies to cut travel costs, boost productivity and improve collaboration between teams has made it possible for businesses to become even more widespread while maintaining ever-improving connections. But what about smaller companies? With […]

Business Builders: Custom Configuration Center

by Nick Miller September 10, 2013 Business

ScanSource has many things that set it apart from other distributors.  We do not think of you—the dealer and integrator community—as only our customers, but also our partners.  As business partners, it benefits everyone for you to grow and become more efficient.  Business Builders is a series of web seminars that focus on some of […]

Opportunity Qualification: Session 6

by Scott Anschuetz May 10, 2011 Business

The biggest mistake that both junior and senior sales people continue to make is investing their time and company’s resources in prospects that are never going to buy. Typically, prospect qualification has focused on answering the question can they buy.  This usually relates to identifying who has the power to make the buying decision and […]

Experience Counts in Negotiation: Session 8

by Bill Garcia April 28, 2011 Business
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In life we tend to drag our past into our future. For example, I know if I forget to take the garbage out, my wife will remind me to – sometimes at the most inopportune moments – such as just as I’m getting into bed. This is sometimes called a “learning event”. Unfortunately these “learning […]

Choose Your Future Customers – Build a Quality Target List: Session 7

by Mark Frasco April 26, 2011 Business
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It’s that time… time to select your future customers. Tradeshows, search engine optimization, word-of-mouth; all are useful, but all are indirect. You make the investment; you’re in all the right places – then you wait, hoping the next big customer finds you. Lacking a strategic, direct approach to growing your business, you are destined to […]

The Power of Saying No in Negotiation: Session 7

by Bill Garcia March 7, 2011 Business
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“NO” is a very powerful word in any negotiation. All by itself, saying just the word NO to a request or demand from other side seems to leave little doubt as to their intentions. As a sole response, NO feels like the end of the negotiation to most people. However, how do children respond when […]

Your Brand is Not Your Logo: Session 6

by Mark Frasco February 22, 2011 Business
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One of the biggest misconceptions in business today is that your brand is your logo. Your logo can help you communicate or advance your brand, but it is not your brand. Your brand manifests itself in the buyer’s mind through a series of impressions that are created by interacting with your organization – people, processes, […]