Avaya IP Office UC 110 module installation can be a simple solution for small sites that need advanced user solutions.  The module is a small embedded server that can host both Voicemail Pro and One-X Portal services.  The small footprint removes the need for an external server where scalability is not a concern.  The module’s top capacity is 50 UC users, 20 voicemail ports or 200 mailboxes (not cumulative).  Here are a few things to remember about the module to make the installation much simpler.

First, the IP Office firmware version must be correct.  As the note first seen when opening the box indicates, the new module requires at least the R8 Q1 maintenance release.  As of this post the lowest recommended version is 8.0(44).  Running prior versions leaves the module in a non-functional state.

Second, the module is simple to setup and does not require as much step-by-step configuration.  When the module is detected on boot up, the R8+ Preferred Edition license is automatically added.  The UC module must then be initialized (initialization procedure), and given an address on the LAN 1 subnet.  After that the services are ready to deploy.  One-X Portal and Voicemail Pro are preconfigured to use some special sauce in the background to communicate properly.  There is no need for additional setup in basic scenarios.  If more advanced scenarios are to be deployed, there may be a need to insert a DNS name, or setup an email server for those scenarios, but the module and services are up and running at this point.

Keep in mind that doing maintenance might require physical connectivity to the system.  This requires an HDMI connection for the monitor, and a USB connection for the storage and a keyboard.


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