Susan Abernathy

Susan Abernathy is a Product Manager for ScanSource Services Group. Susan has over 20 years of experience helping resellers with implementation services. She is a contributor to The Source on professional services.

Increase your in-house technical staff without increasing overhead? Yes, you can!

by Susan Abernathy March 25, 2015 ScanSource Services Group

Here’s what I’ve learned from my years in distribution: our reseller partners are among the hardest-working people in the industry. They are part of a fast-paced, competitive landscape, and one of their biggest challenges is not having enough resources to accomplish everything their customers need. There’s one thing I’d like to share with our reseller […]

Remove the Headaches and Unknowns of WiFi Implementations

by Susan Abernathy February 16, 2015 ScanSource Services Group

What if you could focus on closing the next sale instead of implementing the last one, because you had the right resources to execute consistently and reliably? ScanSource Services offers WiFi services designed to complement your business model. With more than 10 years of experience, we have the resources to consistently deliver seamless WiFi surveys […]

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

by Susan Abernathy January 5, 2015 ScanSource Services Group

Some companies have tremendous experience in data networks, while others primarily have knowledge of voice and video networks. Few, however, possess the know-how and skill to evaluate and build a converged network for real-time VoIP and IP Video solutions. So where can you start on the road to a robust real-time IP network? ScanSource Services […]

Becoming the hero when implementing solutions

by Susan Abernathy June 1, 2014 Sales

How do you provide your customer top notch implementation services without the certifications or skills to configure their solution? Remote configuration services from ScanSource Services. This is how we see it. You should be the face in front of your customers; after all, the customer bought their solution from you.

Let’s Clear the Air about a Wireless Infrastructure…

by Susan Abernathy April 15, 2013 Networking

Who needs a wireless site survey? You do… well, at least most of the time.  Creating a WLAN is not as simple as throwing up a ton of access points. Even if you don’t always need an onsite wireless survey, getting professional advice to help you through planning and deployment is essential. With the explosion of […]

Don’t Get Caught with your VoIP down!

by Susan Abernathy September 17, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

Here’s the thing… some companies have tremendous experience in data networks, while others primarily have knowledge of voice networks. Few possess the know-how and skill to build a converged network that would reliably transport data, voice and IP video. Let’s review some facts…