What do you consider to be some of your best management practices?

by Mark Olson January 26, 2012 Business

What do YOU do, that separates your leadership style, or your company, from your competitors? I enjoyed reading what Herb Kelleher, retired CEO of Southwest airlines, did during his leadership tenure to separate his company from other airlines. Kelleher shared a lot of interesting ideas that I found valuable. Here are some things that I’ve […]

Is Culture a Competitive Advantage?

by Mark Olson October 17, 2011 Business

Herb Kelleher’s (retired CEO of Southwest Airlines) definition of culture is, “What the employees are doing when the boss isn’t looking.” For me, that says it all. What are your organization’s employees doing when the boss isn’t looking? Does their behavior change, or not? If you’ve read about Southwest Airlines, you’d know they have been […]

Don’t Always Outsource Your Eyes and Ears

by Mark Olson September 28, 2011 Business

As a leader in an organization, you shouldn’t always outsource your eyes or your ears.  Sometimes… you just have to go see for yourself. Management books on this topic are plentiful: Tom Peter’s MBWA (Management by Wandering Around) may have been one of the most popular.  Gorbachev told President Reagan, “It’s better to see once […]

What Does Management DO?

by Mark Olson April 26, 2010 Business

What does management REALLY do? Besides… coming in late, leaving early, and being overpaid to stand around and BS a lot? Have you ever been asked that question by your organization? Has it come up during these challenging economic times? It’s not a stupid question. It’s easy to slough it off… and that’s probably not […]

Go Lean

by Mark Olson February 4, 2010 Business

Guest Contributor Mark Olson – President, APG Cash Drawer What does getting LEAN really mean in business today? We’ve all gone through the yearly ritual of trying to lose a couple of pounds. Why? Maybe because your doctor told you to. Maybe you want to wear that brand new 5 year old dress/suit that still […]

A Stake in the Business Outcome

by Mark Olson January 20, 2010 Business

Do your employees have a stake in the outcome in your business? Have you ever imagined having employees who acted as if they were also owners in the business? Do you think this would help drive better results? Many smaller organizations generally keep all of the economic performance data limited to a small group of […]

Bad news gets embellished and spreads faster!

by Mark Olson March 12, 2009 Business

Guest Contributor Mark Olson – President, APG Cash Drawer, LLC How often do you talk with your team during challenging times? Most leaders, when the news isn’t good, tend to hide in their offices, stare at their computer screens, and let the depth and frequency of their communications drop off considerably. Perhaps they don’t know […]