by Glenn Griffin March 27, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

CAN’T REMEMBER THE UPGRADE PATH TO GET FROM 3.0.x to 4.2.14? DOES THE 4406 PHONE WORK ON A 500? WHAT KIND OF SERVER AND OS DO I NEED FOR UMS? -All these questions and many more answered by the IP Office Matrix.  The matrix is a multi-tabbed spreadsheet you can download from the partner website. […]


by Glenn Griffin November 3, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

2 easy ways to synchronize the time in an ipo unit to a pc. 1. The IP Office unit will use the vm pro server’s time if you have all 0’s in the time server address. 2. If there is Windows 2003 server that the ipo unit can ping(ie route to) put this in the […]

Upgrade failure due to password/permissions

by Glenn Griffin July 17, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

If you try to upgrade an IPO unit and get the following error message after you put in the password

Troubleshooting SCN connectivity

by Glenn Griffin June 18, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

1. No loops in the topology 2. Configure ip lines(trunks), IP routes, unique extensions on each site