Chris Spearman

Chris Spearman is a Director of Merchandising for Catalyst Telecom in Greenville, SC. Chris has 12 years of experience in technology distribution in various roles including Business Development and Product Management. He is a contributor to The Source on Networking.

Can your Small Business Compete as a Local Contractor?

by Chris Spearman May 4, 2010 Government

Winning local government contracts can take a lot of work. Local contracting jobs require a number of criteria that you will need to fulfill in order to complete the local government contract: Local Contracting Job Requirements Commitment to winning the local contracting job, and willingness to do your homework. Keep in mind that when a […]

Successful Resellers in the Federal Government

by Chris Spearman April 1, 2010 Government

Last week I met with an industry executive to discuss ways to help VARs be more successful in selling into the federal government. The ideal VAR he looks for when bringing a reseller into an end-user is one who has certain contract vehicles, a dedicated salesperson for the government, technical people, and existing customer relationships […]

Integrators: Specialization Will Drive Public Sector Opportunity

by Chris Spearman January 20, 2010 Business

Interesting article from CRN discussing how partnering will help companies win government business. Integrators: Specialization Will Drive Public Sector Opportunity Created By: Chris Spearman Published: 1/20/2010 9:06 AM Tags: Government, Public Sector, Integrators

Government IT Spending

by Chris Spearman October 8, 2009 Government

It seems that selling to the government is a very hot topic right now with the recovery bill announcement. The only thing is many people do not realize what the overall opportunity is for selling IT products into the federal market. The federal government’s reliance on technology continues to present many opportunities for resellers. This […]

Stimulus funds in Healthcare

by Chris Spearman September 30, 2009 Government

Just recently $1.2B in stimulus funds became available for grants in the health information technology sector and funds will start being issued in fiscal year 2010. It appears that half will go to establish regional education centers all over the country and the other half will help states set up a health information exchange system. […]

Government RFP

by Chris Spearman September 11, 2009 Government

Before you begin to tackle government bids, you need to thoroughly understand government proposals and the procurement process. Every city, state, and county buys a bit differently, which complicates life for vendors. Still, there is one procurement system from which many local governments borrow government contracting procedures, rules, and regulations: the federal government’s. The following […]

Getting ready to sell to the government

by Chris Spearman September 9, 2009 Government

Selling to the government can be a tough venture if you don’t know how to approach government agencies and present your product. Before you think about contract management, prepare your company to sell to the government by checking off the following items: Understand your Company’s Value Position. What does your company do? This may seem […]

Selling into the government space

by Chris Spearman August 18, 2009 Government

Are you selling in the Government Space today? With all the buzz in the market place today around Stimulus Money as well as the negative downturn in the Economy, other resellers are looking for ways to grow their business or find other revenue avenues. Do you find yourself wondering about how to penetrate the Government […]