7 Reasons 2017 is the Year of the Video

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Video collaboration is all about the user experience. One of the most important components of successful video collaboration is ease of use. Using platforms that allow ease of use and simplicity are key in the changing work environment. Pat Sullivan, the Sales Manager for Unified Communication Solution Architects, claims that 2017 is the “year of the video”. This is because millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. Companies need to adapt to these video collaboration trends or risk losing employees and customers.

It’s all about the meeting experience

In 2017, it’s important to make things easy to use. The article recommends integrating your calendar and contacts into meeting applications so users can connect quickly without any hiccups.

Transforming your contact center into a customer engagement center

In the business world, customer loyalty is a challenge for many companies. One way to increase customer loyalty is an omnichannel approach. Pat Sullivan explains that companies need to integrate contact center tools with social media platforms so they can see what their customers are saying on various platforms.

Get close to the business

It is important to understand how your end users collaborate in order to support them. If not, they might look somewhere else for the services they want.

Hybrid environments are the norm

Hybrid environments are providing great value for organizations because of cloud collaboration tools. A major benefit of hybrid environments is that they are cost effective because they allow you to integrate cloud and on-premise systems.

Microsoft – A Formidable Collaboration Tool

Pat Sullivan believes that Skype for Business is a great tool to increase collaboration in your work environment. By using Microsoft with your video conferencing solutions, your organization will benefit.

Keep up with collaboration upgrades

Another important trend in 2017 will be to keep up with your collaboration upgrades. Keeping all of your technology up to date will make your collaboration experience better.

Messaging apps are the future

The last trend discussed is messaging apps. Companies that have one app to enable messaging, voice and video can greatly simplify communication.

For more information about video trends, read the full article here!

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