6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

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Great customer service is at the core of any good business model, as companies like Zappos and Orvis have proven time and time again. But when you are in the Technology Services industry and responsible for selling and supporting mission-critical voice and/or data networks, your customers expect an even heightened level of service. ScanSource Catalyst outlines six trends in customer service technology to help you stay relevant and ensure your company is ahead of the pack.

1. Know your Customer

To be a true innovator, you have to know your customers and, more importantly, know how they prefer to communicate with you. For instance, if mobility is a big part of your portfolio of offerings, then designing apps for your customer’s mobile experience could definitely complement your efforts. If your customers are savvy across multiple channels then you’ll want to look at other ways to help them represent well across the board. Understanding how different technologies can impact the overall customer experience is key to helping you better support and get stickier with your own customers. Don’t just rely on your bread and butter methods.

2. Supporting Omni-Presence is Key

Having the ability to interact with a business via mobile, desktop, social, community forums, and more allows users to have their needs addressed on their terms and through their preferred methods. Gone are the days of only being able to dial customer service on the phone to resolve questions or issues. And recognizing that customers aren’t just interested in contacting the helpline to complain allows businesses an opportunity to expand their help services to a much wider audience. Think multiple applications across multiple platforms.

3.  Individualization and Big Data

There’s nothing more frustrating than explaining your question or concern to a representative only to learn he or she can’t help you and passes you along to repeat your story multiple times. Implementing methods of individualization through Big Data allows the customer to feel as though he or she is the only concern the business has and they are not just another number in a queue. By leveraging the key insights available through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, brands have an opportunity to collect feedback and more effectively communicate with customers in real-time.

4. Artificial Intelligence

One of the greatest trends in technology today is Artificial Intelligence. Here’s what we had to say about it in another blog post. Automating the customer’s experience with things like chat bots and intuitive FAQs allows for customers to find easy-to-resolve answers without the need to rely (or more importantly wait) on live employees. While more complex concerns require human interaction, deploying AI for simple conversations frees up resources and moves customers to the end of their journey more quickly. Further, AI allows businesses to see what concerns are repeating factors in the buying process and use that information to expand their product and service offerings.

5. Self-Service

Not everyone needs to talk to a live representative to solve their issues. Providing self-service options can be as easy as maintaining a list of FAQs, to running a forum, or even as we discussed previously, deploying automated chat bots that funnel users more quickly to their end results. Even having a way to support email forms that auto-populate and route questions to experts faster can definitely boost customer satisfaction and avoid the dreaded long on-hold wait times.

6. Social Media

Social media can be great, but it can also be a headache if not handled properly. As customers are quick to Tweet about a bad experience, it is ultimately the company’s response that can make or break an overall experience. Leaving bad reviews or negative comments unresolved is one of the quickest ways to damage a brand. If handled appropriately, and even publicly, communicating over a public forum can be an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. The key is staffing adequate team members to focus solely on social and having alerts to know when comments are generated so that a timely response may be deployed.

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience with Technology

With so many new products available today to enhance and redefine the customer service experience, industry-leader Avaya stands out for those looking to encompass many of the above trends into their offerings.

With the Avaya OceanaTM multi-touch customer engagement solution, you can help your customers deliver the experience their customers want and cultivate the ultimate customer journey. Oceana lets them personalize every step and possibility of customer interactions, capture and capitalize on big data, and much more. And, for your customer’s internal teams, Avaya’s Equinox Experience provides a communications experience that fits into how they work, instead of changing how they work, and enables truly integrated seamless collaboration among teams.

To get started with any of Avaya’s award-winning solutions or simply learn more about how you can help your customers succeed in their customer service efforts, contact Tyler Ashwood, ScanSource Sales Development Representative, at Tyler.Ashwood@ScanSource.com.

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