6 Tips for Selling 3D Printers and Scanners with ScanSource

by Jennifer Clark on December 10, 2015 · 0 comments

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Selling 3D technology – printers, scanners, and consumables – is an exciting segment for resellers to focus their business. This rapidly expanding vertical is one of the fastest-growing channels ScanSource is pleased to offer. Below are six tips to give you an overview of what to expect when selling 3D hardware with ScanSource:

1)  Become a Reseller: ScanSource’s 3D division sells 3D printers and scanners and has vendor approval processes in place for becoming a partner. Before applying, it helps to have some ideas regarding what segment most interests you (healthcare, architecture, creative, etc.), as well as what your potential customers want. This will allow our team to match you better with the right technology.

2)  Getting Approved: This approval process is based on the understanding that to sell 3D scanners and printers, your company must have a dedicated, focused person for selling this technology. Because of the high level of commitment, it will benefit your business to appoint one person or a small team to be solely focused on 3D. Our team will talk with your employees at length about your needs and help develop a business plan surrounding selling 3D. Start the conversation of becoming a reseller by clicking here.

3)  Investment: There is an initial investment of a demo printer or scanner, of which the costs vary depending on the technology you decide to go with. However, we offer financing terms and free training for your sales people that are not added expenses. ScanSource’s business developers will assist you through the sales, tech questions, marketing, website development, and executive sales plan, so you are not alone.

4)  Instant Results: 3D printing is a very hands-on technology. After the investment in your own printer/scanner, you can provide the benchmarks for customers and demonstrate the printers/scanners’ capabilities right in front of your customer. This provides them with a mold in-hand and the ability to see the technology at work.

5)  Inventory: Understanding the additives and consumables is a full-time job in and of itself. ScanSource houses the inventory on our shelves but will blind ship them for you directly to your customers. This way, you have the most current products.

6)  Tools at Your Fingertips: One of the value adds we provide for our customers is the FASTPATH program, which can provide sales tools, case studies, promotions, training materials, and more. You’ll have ongoing access to a constant stream of help, which makes you more knowledgeable to your customers while helping your business grow.

For more information, resources, training materials, or questions, please contact Ashley Moody, Sales Development Representative, at Ashley.moody@scansource.com or by phone at 864.286.4219.

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