2016 POSB Zebra TC8000 Blog – Top 4 Benefits of Using the TC8000

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Introducing the Zebra TC8000, and how it’s changing the warehouse landscape

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, warehouse and distribution centers experienced arguably their biggest productivity boost when they deployed wireless, handheld computing devices. Now, Zebra is delivering the NEXT big gain in productivity, with its TC8000 Touch Computer. In a recent web seminar, Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Computer expert, Greg Evans, discussed how the TC8000 is revolutionizing warehouses and distribution centers.

With the huge expansion of eCommerce, order accuracy and speed of delivery are especially crucial. So Zebra decided to investigate how both can be improved, while increasing worker productivity. When handheld scanners were tested, Zebra found that time is wasted through unnecessary steps in the scanning process, including users repeatedly having to tilt to scan and verify. On the other hand, better screen angles, and fewer and simpler processes, led to faster picks and time saved.

Through third-party testing, Zebra discovered that the TC8000 delivers a cumulative 14% gain in worker productivity—amounting to one extra hour, per worker, per shift — while most warehouses strive for only a two to three percent gain. In field trials, people testing the TC8000 liked it so much, they didn’t want to give it back!

In addition to the impressive 14% increase in worker productivity, here are a few additional benefits of using the TC8000 Touch Computer:

  1. Warehouse throughput is increased, since the same number of workers can handle more tasks per day.
  2. Customer satisfaction and retention are increased, as customers receive their orders on time, and with the correct items.
  3. Employee satisfaction is increased, because work processes are simpler, and superior ergonomics improve user comfort.
  4. Training is virtually eliminated, so the cost of training is reduced, and no time is wasted on lengthy training periods.

With features like its unique scanning angle, ruggedness, optional camera, triple-shift battery power, and so much more, you can’t afford not to order your Zebra TC8000 Touch Computer from ScanSource POS and Barcode — so contact your sales rep today!

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