The new value series 1600 IP sets  will be out soon.  These sets will be supported in an upcoming 4.2+ release. There was some original debate as to these being released as 1700 series.  The  knowledge base now confirms that these sets will be 1600 series.  Docs are starting to trickle out with details about the sets.  These are IP Phones with paper labels much like the old 44xx sets.  They have digital displays and reg/green status LEDs.  The phones have a much updated look similar to the high end 9600 sets. The display is back lit but monochrome.  Read more for links to the documentation.

While the sets lack digital button labels, they functionally are on par with most any other IP set offered on IP Office.  The huge benefit – lower cost.  These phone list for well below the 46xx series on ACM solutions, and should follow suit in IP Office.  The phones hardware wise are identical to the ACM phones.  This is different than originally planed.  The plan was to release a slightly modified 1700 set that would only work on IP Office.  This plan was scrapped for the better migration and easier administration of a single phone that fit both lines.

Read more about the functionality and administration of these phones below.

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