10 Technology Opportunity Areas Poised for Growth within Government Sectors

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For resellers who work with government agencies, selling technology involves a deeper level of detail, and at times, nuances exist within the public sector. Finding the biggest areas for growth can feel like a shot in the dark, as some agencies rapidly adopt new technology, and others are fine with the status quo.

Below, as reported by Onvia, we’ve outlined 10 growth areas in government contracts. Understanding where the leading technology needs are that will position you for better growth ahead of your competition.

  1. Medical equipment improvements. Medical device improvement tops the list for technology growth potential. Healthcare costs continue to rise, and the aging baby boomer generation places a high demand for continued care and equipment. Healthcare alone was the number one sector among education, as well, so don’t overlook healthcare providers within education systems.
  2. Education innovation. Education, specifically K-12 STEM, is highly focused on not just technology and equipment but innovation and methods of teaching that will drive demand for effective solutions. Positioning yourself with a solution that answers, “how to be more effective,” will give you a leg up, rather than just focusing on one product over another. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in institutions at the local, state and federal levels.
  3.  Better connectivity. Telecom and connectivity infrastructure are the core of better connectivity within government agencies. As the digital transformation continues, requests for technology that supports the entire team or department rather than one-off solutions are in greater demand. Look to provide solutions that focus on improved public safety and more efficient operations, specifically fiber optic products, cables, and professional design services for cabling.
  4. IT-enabled government. Similar to connectivity, government agencies also need custom solutions to not only bring programs together, but look to their IT department to keep their business afloat and ahead of the competition. The shift from reactive technology to proactive and strategic creates a need for greater products and solutions from those specializing in IT sales. Government leaders are specifically looking for strategic relationships that replace ongoing service providers who have only one focus area.
  5.  Smart lighting upgrades. From street lights to overhead office lighting, upgraded lighting affects people everywhere. As cities and businesses look to improve our quality of life, ability to operate equipment, and keep residents safe, smart lighting will also save money, energy, and can help with air quality and crime.
  6.  Disaster service preparedness. It’s never a matter of if, but when, regarding disasters. And while many agencies are prepared, they’re still looking to upgrade and improve everything from their communication systems to food storage equipment. Disasters aren’t just a reflection of bad weather or physical terror, but also include cyber threats and potential losses of data and secured information.
  7.  Construction site preparation. With infrastructure on the rise, construction sites are a dime a dozen on city streets. But just as new-building sites are regularly erected, so is everything from street repair to new construction. The high volume of contracts issued for site preparation (think grading services), and the fact that infrastructure-related sectors are returning higher-than-average growth rates makes this a smart area to tap into.
  8. Disability services. ADA compliance laws are continuing to evolve, as inclusion of all includes eliminating barriers and discrimination within public areas and services. This evolution brings increased opportunities for design firms and qualified construction businesses. Any time safety is concerned, there tends to be an increase in funding, and contracts are quick to follow suit. Staying apprised of new developments with ADA compliance will provide you with a better position for success.
  9. Clean water providers. With the Flint, Mich., crisis receiving worldwide attention, environmental services in general are a rapid vertical for growth. For those in water treatment services, providing clean water continues to be a priority and big business. Treatment systems, testing facilities, and pipeline equipment, in addition to data and analytic programs, are among some of the top areas for investing, as agencies work to support better quality water.
  10. School bus expansion. School districts are now seeking private bus transportation more than ever before, as they relieve liabilities and headcount, as well as time spent on maintenance. Private transportation, namely buses, for schools is on the rise by more than 10%. Further, transportation contracting was the top-ranked industry within the local government and was mid-ranked at the state level.

Our Government Gateway program can help you dive deeper into these 10 areas for growth. Because we know the importance of relationships before a bid or RFP is issued, we’re here to help. The Government Gateway program was designed to provide you with a funnel of opportunities in the federal, SLED, and healthcare markets. We’ll help you generate leads based on your profile and customize them to your geography, market segment and core competency.

To learn more about our program, check out these links based on the technologies that most interest you:

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