Who will you be selling to in 2017?

by Andrew Runion on December 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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Gone are the days of walking into a business, talking to the IT Manager or CIO, presenting a solution, and walking out with a sale. According to Nan Boden, Google’s Head of Global Technology Partners, Google Cloud, 70% of business decisions will be made outside of IT in 2017. This means that product decisions will be made by the employees who actually use it. Makes sense right? But this also means you have to transform from a salesperson to a solution consultant.

Keith Lubner and Ken Thoreson have teamed up and created a training resource to help you and your company make that transition, www.channeleq.co. One of their sessions at NexGen Cloud gave some key points to keep in mind when “Selling outside of IT.” You have to give the customer ideas and gain their trust by asking questions and gathering data. They provided several questions to help do just that. Some include:

  1. How is your organization positioned for the future, from an IT perspective and market competitive positioning?
  1. Are there competitive organizations/situations coming into your market? Who are they?
  1. What are your top 4 strategic objectives or goals for your organization? For this year and the next three years?
  1. What are your frustrations, based upon your past experience with technology and other IT consulting organizations?

These are just a few, but there are many, many more they have come up with that will get your customers thinking about their business. It will show that you are more interested in helping their business grow rather than your own. To see a full list of these questions, you can reach out to Keith or Ken here: https://channeleq.co/team/.

This is an important shift in the channel. If you aren’t talking to the right people within a company, how can you possibly close a deal? And that 70% is only going to grow moving forward.

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