Where is my inventory? and other important questions in today’s marketplace

by Caroline Gooding on May 30, 2018 · 0 comments

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Especially today, businesses need to know where their products have been, where they currently are, and where they’re going—to increase efficiency, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and waste. Having this updated information also improves customer satisfaction, as products basically can be delivered on demand, and who doesn’t like that? But, what are the best ways with which to gain that information, while minimizing inventory-management costs and providing customers quick-as-a-wink delivery and full visibility—of lead times, product information, shipment tracking, and post-sale follow-up? It’s time to talk barcode labeling and tracking software, since they are the best technologies available to help you help your customers.

Just about everyone knows about barcode systems and how they work, since they’ve been around since 1974, but RFID is not as widely known. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) accomplishes the same things as barcoding, and some additional things as well, but it also differs in this way: barcodes carrying data are read by optical scanners, while RFID uses radio waves to read data from tags, which are just small chips. Your customers’ needs will determine whether barcode or RFID is better suited to their business requirements. With either method, visibility of raw materials and finished goods through the entire supply chain is gained—essential in this environment where delivery as quickly as possible is not just expected, but demanded.

After you’ve decided what your customers require to track their inventory through the entire fulfillment process, you need to select the appropriate products to create their total solution—one that allows them to stay competitive and grow their business. SATO would like to suggest a printer that works with either barcode or RFID, the innovative SATO CL4NX.

It has key features for days, and can help your customers:

  • Reduce inventory-management expenses
  • Reduce stock levels
  • Reduce manual checks
  • Reduce product-recall costs
  • Eliminate data-entry duplication
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce labor costs

After you’ve had the conversation with your customers about their product tracking and labeling needs, let’s talk. Because ScanSource offers the industry-leading products to help create a total solution. Please contact me, Caroline Gooding, with any questions you have, or for any help I can provide.

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