What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 2: DNS

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Domain Name System (DNS) enables internet-connected devices to transfer information around a network or access a domain. Without DNS, domain names (google.com, scansource.com, etc.) lack meaning, and attempting to reach a site by using its name would prove a useless endeavor. DNS serves as a Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

When a reader walks into a library, he or she might know the title of a book, but the reader does not know where the book is located. Accordingly, the Dewy Decimal System assigns a numerical location for each book. The directory points the reader to the correct numerical location based on the book. Similarly, raw website locations constitute a series of numbers (i.e. IP address) and DNS serves to convert the IP address into a meaningful domain name (and vice versa). Accordingly, to reach ScanSource’s website, a user only need type www.scansource.com (as opposed to the long string of numbers making up the site’s IP address).

What uses DNS? Anything that connects to the internet uses DNS. Usually, performing a simple task over the internet requires multiple DNS queries. For instance, checking email on a smartphone requires 8 DNS queries. Changing one’s status on Facebook results in 24 DNS queries. Merely booting up an iPhone requires 36 DNS queries. DNS underlies our personal and business lives on a day-to-day basis.

How does Infoblox enhance DNS? Infoblox provides centralized management and automatically synchronizes changes made to all DNS servers on a network. Infoblox ensures high availability to DNS services and eases IPv4 to IPv6 transition.

Interested in learning more? Please email Infoblox@catalysttelecom.com, or register for Infoblox’s channel program and start selling into the DDI market.

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