#What #is #ChannelChat?

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To put it simply: #ChannelChat is a semi-regular Twitter Conference hosted by ScanSource, featuring channel leaders discussing business issues, technology evolutions, insightful tips and more.

Wait. That wasn’t really “simple” was it? It requires a bit more explanation, doesn’t it? OK, let’s break it down further. We’ll start at the beginning with “#ChannelChat.” Actually, let’s not. We’ll start with Twitter and come back in just a minute.


To those on the outside, Twitter may seem like a place to find out what your favorite celebrity had for breakfast this morning. And, while you can, Twitter is so much more. It allows you to get quick information on key business issues, follow trends and take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. You don’t have to share intimate details with the world, but if you’re doing business in today’s world, Twitter should definitely be a part of it.

# vs @

For decades, we’ve referred to # as the “pound symbol.” In the world of Twitter, however, it’s referred to as a “hashtag.” When you create a Twitter account, your name is preceded with an “@.” However, if you want to discuss a specific keyword topic with a relevant Twitter audience, you precede the topic word with a hashtag.  This allows you to create communities of people interested in the same keyword topic by making it easier for them to find and share info related to it.


Now we can get to this. #ChannelChat is a way for those in the channel community to discuss topics of similar interest. Include it in a tweet and it makes it easy for those in the community to find. And with only 140 characters, the discussion is quick and straight to the point.

Semi-Regular Twitter Conference

So, through the wonder of Twitter and the convenience of the hashtag, we will host semi-regular Twitter Conferences on business issues, technology evolutions, etc. through #ChannelChat. Semi-regular, because we don’t want to just “fill space.” When we have a good topic that we believe will be of interest to the community, we will host a conference. Here’s how it will work:

  • We will announce the date and time of upcoming #ChannelChat Conferences through Twitter, blogs and other vehicles.
  • Each host will publish a blog on blogs.scansource.com prior to the chat to get people thinking.
  • We will also post the key questions the host will tweet to ignite the conversation.
  • Then you get to join in. You can just follow along or participate in the discussion yourself. The choice is yours.

We’d like to thank Jim Sevier, CEO, Convergence Readiness, Inc. for hosting the August #ChannelChat. The next #ChannelChat will be announced during the first week of September, 2011.

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