Payment Terminals. IP Phones. IP Video Cameras. Mobile Computers. Wireless. Communication.

ScanSource’s Custom Configuration Center (CCC) can add to your profitability when selling these solutions.

The CCC has a highly skilled technical team that provides integration services from IP addressing, software loading and upgrades, firmware downloads, and kitting to complex custom jobs; each one is completed to your specifications. Your product is shipped ready to install.

Through the CCC, ScanSource is the only specialty technology distributor that is an Encryption Services Organization (ESO) and was certified in 2012. And as an ESO, ScanSource eliminates additional shipping costs as well as lead times for payment terminals and POS solutions.

You lose sales opportunity when your engineers are out of the field configuring products. It costs you money to have the space to warehouse and configure product. It adds risk to receive and store products. It adds time to ship product to your end-customer. It frustrates your customer if you try and do that all onsite.

When we analyze the financials of a typical reseller with $5 milllion in annual sales, our CCC has enhanced operating income over $100,000 and improves cash flow by over $45,000 annually. This is done by reducing your costs associated with configuration, lowering your days of inventory and enabling you to invoice your customer faster. If you want to see what we can do for your business, ask your ScanSource business development manager or account executive to set up a conference with our financial services team.

Saving you time, reducing risk, and earning more money – just add ScanSource Custom Configuration Center to your business.

Download the Custom Configuration Center One Sheet, call your sales rep today or complete the Quote Request Form below to get a customized quote.

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I've been in the technology channel for almost 20 years and with ScanSource since early 2000. Before that I worked for a nationwide barcode, data capture reseller for three years and then co-founded Black Arrow E-com and ran it for a few years. As part of the ScanSource Services Group, my focus is on maximizing our partners business through service offers that extend their resources and create opportunities.

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