Warehouses Work Better with the Datamax-O’Neil RL4 Portable 4-Inch Label Printer

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Warehouses can reduce errors and increase productivity while improving accuracy with the Datamax-O’Neil RL4 Portable 4-inch Label Printer by printing and applying barcode labels directly at the point of application.

Using an RL4 to print on-demand labels eliminates wasted movement by warehouse employees and greatly reduces the danger of mixing up batch printed labels saving thousands of dollars in potential shipping errors.

The RL4 is built to keep pace in a busy warehouse. Labels print quickly and accurately every time, even in cold environments. Down time is reduced thanks to a large media roll capacity and a battery that stays charged for a full shift.

Why Does Your Warehouse Customer Need the RL4?

Rugged and Reliable

Admit it. Equipment is often dropped in a warehouse environment. Now you can offer your customer a piece of equipment that can withstand those drops. The RL4 is so rugged it continues to print after 26 consecutive drops to concrete from 6 feet even when tested at extreme temperature conditions.

Reduce downtime for battery charging and replacement. The RL4 comes standard with a long lasting lithium-ion battery which offers maximum power capacity for a full 8-hour shift, even under the toughest conditions.

Easy to Integrate

Warehouses need equipment that is easily integrated into and the RL4 does just that.

The RL4 is ready for physical integration into the warehouse environment. The printer also comes with a wide selection of charging and mounting accessories that allow it to be worn on the hip, mounted in a truck or even mounted and powered from a forklift operating system.

The RL4 comes with popular language emulations that allow you to easily replace existing printers in the workplace. The printer is also compatible with most popular WMS packages and offers optional wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth connectivity.

Easy to Use

Nobody likes to change the paper roll, but the RL4 makes it so easy you can do it with one hand and even while wearing gloves.

The RL4 also includes and easy to ready LCD screen designed by human factors/usability experts with simple user interface buttons and a peel-and-present mechanism for quicker label application.

Higher Return on Investment

ROI is of the utmost importance in today’s economic climate and the RL4 helps the end user see the return on their investment quickly by offering:

  • A price point 20% below competition
  • Comes with the industry’s only two-year standard warranty –twice that of the competition
  • Ability to print labels at the point of application reduces costly shipping errors
  • Productivity is increased with the large media roll capacity and long battery life

Where does the RL4 Fit?

The RL4 is perfect for the following applications:

Logistics and Distribution

  • Inventory labels
  • Content ID labels
  • Receiving and Location Labels
  • Shipping Labels


  • Shipping Labels
  • Cross Docking Labels
  • Bin Labeling
  • Stop Location Label


  • Work in Process Labels
  • Receiving and Location Labels
  • Content ID Labels
  • Shipping Labels

Cold Storage

  • Receiving and Location Labels
  • Contend ID Labels
  • Shipping Labels

Please take a look at the RL4 product video for more information and to see the RL4 in action. Also, check out the RL4 Fact Sheet.

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