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In several scenarios the playback feature of UMS may seem broken.  The media player appears, but no audio is played.  This can occur when a user as a.) changed the name of the VMPro server, b.) is accessing a named server via IP address where DNS does not resolve, or  c.) is accessing the server by name from outside the domain (where the search suffix is not automatically added to resolve the name), the user will no longer be able to play the media files via the embedded media player in UMS/WebVoicemail. 

This has to do with the way the file js_constants.php tells the client browser to call the media file.  Currently the file calls the media based on a static name created in the webvoicemail.xml file which is generated at install based on then current information.  This file refers to only the PC name with out reference to the domain of the PC or any other methods to contact the PC.

By editing the C:Program FilesAvayaIP OfficeVoicemail ProphpVMWebVoicemailincjs_constants.php file on line 43


$javastr .= "      var messagesBaseUrl = '" . $config->MsgBaseURL . "';n ";

to read:

$javastr .= "      var messagesBaseUrl= 'http://" . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . "/voicemailaccounts';n";
we now are able to connect from anywhere the server is accessible.  We simply are telling PHP to refer to the name from which the server was called in order to playback the media files.

Disclaimer: This edit has not been approved by Avaya as of this posting.

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