Top Ten Remote Collaboration Challenges

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In late 2013, independent consultants AMPG Research were hired by Polycom to analyze a survey on collaboration challenges. The 5,000 business professionals surveyed concluded distance is the enemy.

Here are the top 10 challenges:

  • Background noise
  • Being a good host
  • Did someone say globalization?
  • Fear of change
  • Full participation
  • Getting everyone in front of the whiteboard
  • Poor audio/video quality
  • Sharing content
  • Short attention spans
  • Unreliable technology

The good news is you can Defy Distance with Polycom.

Here are ways to overcome the top 10 collaboration challenges:

  • Ask everyone to mute their microphones when they are not speaking. Get in the habit of muting your phone until it’s your inherent practice.
  • Use video collaboration when at all possible. Host collaboration sessions where you can see the participants and participants can see you presenting.
  • Video collaboration overcomes time zones with a simple record button. Allow everyone to view your presentation at a convenient time for them.
  • Leadership determines the reaction to change around a company. If your video collaboration solution includes adoption services and your leadership implements it first, employees will be more comfortable to follow.
  • Set up your video solution to appear as if remote participants are in the same room. The more it seems as if you are in the same room, the easier it will be for everyone to participate.
  • Encourage participation by brainstorming and annotating real-time. Choose a solution that allows and encourages your participants to interact.
  • Don’t gamble on audio or video. Choose a solution provider with a track record of consistent quality.
  • Choose a solution and a setup that allows you to see content and collaborators at the same time. It’s too distracting and too distant to see one without the other.
  • Collaboration over video encourages more participation and less multi-tasking. Make sure you and your colleagues are visible and can hold each other accountable to paying attention and staying engaged.
  • Look for solutions that have redundancy. When looking for a collaboration solution, invest in an offering that works every time without fail.

Polycom can help you defy these distance challenges and any others you may encounter. Look to the ScanSource Communications team to help you choose the right Polycom solution to help you make distance an ally instead of an enemy.

Learn more about defying distance.

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