Three ways VARs Can Take Advantage of Cloud-Based WLANs

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– Chris Koeneman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bluesocket, Inc.

  1. Deploy a private cloud WLAN solution.  In this model, the VAR moves the customer from a traditional controller-based WLAN to a cloud-based solution whereby the control is taking place at the customer’s data center.  This approach makes sense if the customer has multiple sites and a data center running a virtualization platform such as VMware.  No single-purpose controller is needed at any site; rather, the control is operating at the data center.  This approach means the VAR needs some expertise in WLANs and VMware.
  2. Deliver a public cloud WLAN service.  In this model, the VAR would deploy the access points, but then host the control function from their own data center.  For efficiency, the VAR would be running a virtualization platform, such as VMware.  By leveraging the power of virtualization, the VAR can control any number of access points and customers.  In this model, the VAR could resell the access points or include them in a monthly WLAN management fee.
  3. Partner with a cloud service provider.  In this model, the VAR would bring his expertise in WLAN installation to a cloud service provider offering a hosted WLAN service.  These cloud service providers often lack the expertise that the VAR possesses in terms of procurement and installation of networking gear on an end-user customer’s premises.
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