“Thinking in words slows you down and actually decreases comprehension in much the same way as walking a tightrope too slowly makes one lose one’s balance.” – Lenore Fleischer

In order to open doors with your prospects, appeal to their senses.

On-demand presentations allow your company’s personality to shine through. The video aspect of a multimedia presentation platform allows you to break through the wall that makes a company appear impersonal or distant. Plus, your audience is more likely to watch and share this type of content with others. Providing your sales force with a much warmer reception when it’s time to talk business.

For example, if you needed marketing services for your technology reseller business, take a couple minutes and meet the team that can help you – see our On-Demand Presentation on Marketing Services.

That was more than a video. It’s our service overview, created so our potential customers can see it on their own time, share and interact with us. Shouldn’t your business do the same?

Imagine if you took your best communicator, combined his or her skills with the perfect information and illustrations from your presentations, added footnotes to show reference information, links and navigation to give the viewer control of the experience, and put it all together into an engaging, interactive package that can be emailed to customers and prospects, embedded on the web pages, displayed at your tradeshows and events, shared on social media sites, even played on your iPad.

It’s the next step your business needs to take and should change how you look at creating rich, interactive content for every aspect of business communications.


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I've been in the technology channel for almost 20 years and with ScanSource since early 2000. Before that I worked for a nationwide barcode, data capture reseller for three years and then co-founded Black Arrow E-com and ran it for a few years. As part of the ScanSource Services Group, my focus is on maximizing our partners business through service offers that extend their resources and create opportunities.

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