Even for small operations, a robust wireless network is not an option, it is an essential tool for doing business. Unfortunately, quality wireless infrastructure has traditionally required expensive and knowledgeable IT help, pricing it out of the reach of many small- to medium-sized businesses. Simply put, enterprise wireless solutions were just not designed or priced for the SMB.

Having worked in wireless support for over a decade, I have observed that SMBs often resort to off the shelf, consumer-oriented, wireless networking solutions. Initially this solution seems to work fine but eventually the need for more connections, better management, tighter security, seamless service, and faster speeds cripples their network.

For far too long SMBs had to choose between enterprise solutions that were simply not designed for them or settling for a wireless network that just couldn’t meet the needs of a modern business.

This is exactly the dilemma Zebra’s WiNG Express solves by providing enterprise-grade wireless management and hardware, combined with easy-to-setup utilities. The robust wireless network customer demand, without the confusion.

WiNG Express includes enterprise features such as:

  • Roaming Seamlessly Between Radios
  • High Gain Antennas
  • Multi Radios
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralized Control
  • Multiple SSID
  • Guest Portal
  • Over 250 Users
  • Simultaneous Voice Users
  • Wireless Traffic Reporting
  • Intrusion Controls
  • Wireless Intrusion Protections
  • Mounting Options
  • Service Contracts

With WiNG Express there is no barrier to your customers having the wireless infrastructure they need and demand.


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