The Hidden Costs of Collaboration

by Lauren Eckstein on March 13, 2018 · 0 comments

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In 2018, chances are your company is going through an evaluation of their technologies to make sure they have what they need to maximize collaboration.  Those same chances apply to the possible lack of awareness your company’s IT department has on their true current collaboration expenses.

56% of IT Pros don’t know what they are spending on subscriptions/ licenses for collaboration solutions.  This is just one factor that goes into the company’s Total Cost of Ownership.  The top 5 factors in consideration are:

  • Subscription/ License Fees
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Troubleshooting
  • Bandwidth
  • End-user Troubleshooting

If your company uses multiple solutions with multiple providers, it can be challenging to maintain cost, support and seamless integrations.  Learn more about how many hidden costs there are with collaboration in this infographic.

Find out why Lifesize, an all-in-one solution provider, trims off these excess costs and complications to allow companies to meet smarter without sacrificing quality or experiences.

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