The Final Step in Solution Selling

by Chelsea Flucker on December 15, 2017 · 0 comments

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The concept behind solution selling is simple enough, and one that’s been around for a long time: start with what your customers need and then provide a solution that addresses that need. Simple. At least in the conceptual phase. When we look to translate this theory into real-world scenarios is when things start getting a little tricky.

It begins by accurately defining your customer’s need. Let’s face it. Most end users don’t approach you with a clearly defined “need’ and ask you to fill in the blank with a solution. So many already have a solution in mind and are simply looking for a vendor to implement it. It takes a cunning and experienced reseller to help their customers truly define their communication needs and showcase how a true partnership can result in the solutions that will have the greatest impact on their business.

Let’s say you got to the point in the process where you’ve identified their needs – whether it’s from years of proving yourself, or you got stuck in an elevator with the CTO – and you’re ready to define and then implement your heritage ShoreTel solution. If this is a growth opportunity (which all solution selling scenarios should be), then you have to face the inevitable question of what to do when the desired solution extends beyond your scope of expertise. Your options are as follows:

A) Define the solution based on what you currently offer vs. what the customer needs
B) Partner with another service provider to complement your own expertise
C) Hire new team members to expand your scope of services
D) Engage the ScanSource Professional Services Team to enhance your heritage ShoreTel expertise on an as-needed basis

Let’s cross A off the list right away. That’s just bad mojo and is not going to help you grow. The same can also be said for B. You’re not growing your own services, you’re just bringing in someone else who, maybe, can grow their own. C is definitely a viable option, if you’re ready to pull that trigger and you believe the amount of new work will justify that expense. Before you take that step, however, you might consider accessing option D.

ScanSource’s Professional Services Team offers the engineers, expertise, and certifications you need to implement any and all heritage ShoreTel solutions and beyond. You can expand your capabilities without increasing overhead expenses, while being the sole manager of the relationship with your customer. Your customers are focused on results. By engaging ScanSource’s Professional Services Team, you can provide the heritage ShoreTel solution they need without doing it all yourself and, in fact, creating another margin opportunity for yourself. And since they never work directly for end users, your customers remain your customers today and tomorrow!

By partnering with ScanSource’s Professional Services Team, there’s no job you CAN’T do, because you’re able to say YES to everything within the solution. The Professional Services Team offers more than just heritage ShoreTel IP-PBX system implementation services. The foundation of their success is built on 10+ years of experience in the IP-PBX field. They focus on delivering quality, reliability, and consistently seamless implementations, so you can get down to business. Here’s a selection of the services offered:

• Heritage ShoreTel Implementation – Complete or Assistance, Onsite or Remote
• Heritage ShoreTel Upgrades/Troubleshooting/Consulting
• ECC – Contact Center
• Mobility
• Health Check – post-sale
• Block of hours – all custom quote
• Network Assessments and Wi-Fi Services

Any opportunity for growth means going beyond your core capabilities. Now, that may seem a little scary and complex, but in this case it doesn’t have to be. Customers are looking for one partner to provide the whole solution. And by engaging ScanSource’s Professional Services Team to implement your total heritage ShoreTel solution, you don’t avoid these opportunities (at any part of the process) just because it’s not your strength. The result: better solutions, better implementations, better relationships… better experience.

Implementation may be the final step in solution selling, but it affects every other step right from the beginning. The good news is, you don’t have to be married to the idea right away. Start by dating. Engage ScanSource’s Professional Services Team at to help you out on your next heritage ShoreTel implementation and see where it goes from there. You’re sure to make beautiful solutions together.

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